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Does God Talk To You?

Updated on April 7, 2013

In today’s society of non-believers and believers, do the believers hear the world of Christ in their silent times? Do believers feel God's passion for them, and do you hear God talking to you?

It is time to take time out of busy schedules to stop and pray, feel and listen to what God has to say to you. God does talk to those who are his special chosen ones, even when they write his words down on paper. He tells you the correct words to say with his passion glory and love.

There are many forms and ways God talks to a Christian. How do I know you ask? For me God sometimes shows himself in my dreams while sleeping at night, when I pray very hard he will show his face, he helps me go deep within my mind during my quiet times or seclusion times and I can see him. He talks to me in my heart so that I am able to express his words, as he is telling me to write them down.

Whether be in a poem, an article, or even during my Facebook sessions. He tells me exactly what to say at the right times when people need to hear Gods special words as per their problems or even a prayer online. God always talks to me. He knows that I am a messenger of his being and many are, who love our Gracious Lord with our entire being.

This is a way, he wants me to not only get closer to him, but also deliver his words and messages through whatever I am writing that he speaks to me. I have a very strong faith in our Lord Jesus and he sends me messages to translate over to those who need them. Not only to talk about him, but also to inspire others as to Gods actions, and how much he loves each person who walks with him on a daily basis.

I know what most of you are thinking; yeah right, this woman is completely off her rocker. Am I? On the other hand, am I that close to God that I actually hear his words and at times see him in my heart, mind and soul? When was the last time you have spoken to God and heard his words? When was the last time you have taken time out of your schedules to listen to Gods words or have written down his words?

If there were no God then why is it when you’re going through the worse times in our life and you pray, things start getting better in one’s life. Sometimes right away and sometimes down the road. Only in Gods time will he respond to prayers to help you in your situations. After all, he is a busy person, he has to protect this entire world and help others as well.

While things are getting better in your life, who is helping those things get better? Like a miracle unexpectedly. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re going through good times in your life or bad things. God is there with you.

Haven’t you noticed that when you pray, your situation/s good or bad do get better, and miracles seem to happen when things seem to be all lost in life.

This is Gods way of speaking to you, letting you know that he is there beside you helping you to show you that he is listening and he does hear your prayers. Most don’t realize God is talking to them at all times, which he does. He is always there by your side if only you put full faith and trust in our gracious lord. Miracles will happen in one’s life then.

Now, I ask myself why people don’t believe in God. Is it their up bringing, is it they are afraid to show their faith in God, is it lack of faith, is it due to Society and their ways? Or is this just because no one takes time out of their busy schedules to stop, pray, talk to God in silence or out loud, thinking God will help them anyway without honoring our gracious king of the universe.

How many times have people thanked God for being in their lives in good times and bad? How many times have people stopped to thank God for all the good he has done for them?

This, I do each day when I wake in the morning while having my special time with God. I stand by my front window, look to the sky, talk to God and at the end of my conversation with God my heavenly father, I tell him that I love him whole heart, mind and soul. I then get a sense that he is smiling down upon me, I get a sense of warmth deep within my heart and more happiness in my life.

People need to take a step back and give themselves to God, when you do this you then will hear his words, feel his presence and see his love for you.


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    • wyoming wonder profile image

      Debby Richardson 4 years ago from Georgia

      Yes it is a cherished privilege to me also. Its more special when God talks to me as he does during my quiet times, which slows my life down from the hustle and bustle of the nation. Thank you for reading my article also I do appreciate that.

    • teacherjoe52 profile image

      teacherjoe52 4 years ago

      Good morning sister.

      Very beautiful.

      Talking with our Beloved is a cherished privilege to me.

      God bless you with special moments with Him throughout the day.