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Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

Updated on April 11, 2012

The Face of Nature - Earth Wind Fire Water

Another Interesting Question

So Angel709 asks the question "Earth,wind,fire,water - If you were one of those elements which would you be and why?". Here is the link if you would like to see the answers. There are interesting arguements for all four.


Let's begin with Earth. You'd be big and bulky. Kind of like the strong man. Yet you would be nurturing. Plants need earth to grow. Children would love to play with you. Especially if your friend Water came over. No child, and some adults, can ignore mud pies. You would be a builder. Earth is needed in construction. If Water became angry, it would be you to tame him. Earth is needed for dams.So, there are advandages to being Earth.


Next is Wind. You would be fast. You could run hundreds of miles per hour if you wanted. You would have strength. One strong out burst and you could topple buildings and trees. You could be mischievous and causally lift a woman's skirt. You would control the weather. You could cool the heat or make the cold seem colder. You would be like the farmer as you guide seeds towards fertile ground. However, the best part is you would have stealth. No one can see the wind.


As Fire, Paris Hilton would love you. Why? Because you would be hot! Some would consider you the best discovery ever. You would be a provider. You would give heat when Wind was acting up. You give humans the power to cook food. However, most people would fear you. You have an angry streak that leads to destruction. You are a closet killer. You definitely suffer from a split personality. You would be a cult figure.Pyromaniacs would worship you. Yet, even though you deal in destruction, you are needed. Fire cleanses, and allows for nature to be reborn. To sum up Fire, "Can't live with you, can't live without you".


This is my choice. The other choices are intriguing, but I choose to become Water if I could. Water is free flowing. You may be contained for awhile, but will overflow your boundaries occasionally. Even though Earth provides a foundation for plants, you are needed for continued growth. You provide fun. Humans love to swim in you and float on top in boats. You provide a home for the fish and other creatures. You even come in two kinds like peanuts. Salted and unsalted (fresh). You are hearty and cover 75% of the planet. Looking for other life on other planets requires your presence. You are needed the most to sustain life. Therefore, you are a VIP, and you are loved.

Of course you have a dark side. It's only when you hang out with Wind. Wind seems to push you around and gets you in trouble. You seem to run amok when Wind visits. You need to not let Wind bully you. Nothing is perfect so I can overlook this small trait. Yes, Water is my choice.

You to the link and let Angel709 know which you would choose.


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