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Enlightenment: Is it possible to attain?

Updated on December 25, 2016

We get plenty of thoughts. Everybody does.We get various kinds of thoughts-about money,our families,our future etc etc etc.We sometimes get happy thoughts sometimes sad sometimes boring but dont we associate these thoughts with our identity.we get attached to these thoughts so much that we never realize who we really are.

When we were born we percieved things through our senses.Our senses were free from the mind thats why we were in joy.Now when we see a thing we can't see it without the mind interfering.So the mind has taken over our senses.So what can be done?The answer is self-realization and becoming enlightened.Now it's impossible to become enlightened unless the state of enlightenment has been given to you.One cannot attain enlightenment,It has to be given to a person to make him enlightenened.

Gautam buddha,jesus,prophet muhammad were all enlightened beings.We cannot attain the state that these godmen had.They had realized god at some point of their lives.So what should be done?

It' a fact that people of the world are getting enlightenened,how?The answer is that the avatars(One who has descended from the universe for a particular cause) of enlightenment are walking on this earth giving enlightenment to people like you and me.Now what are the benefits of enlightenment?

When you were born did u ever ask this question why you are alive?Who is asking this question?The mind.So enlightenment is the natural state the body should exist in nature as it was supposed to be.When the senses are free from the mind and you act through divine consciousness.This divinity only god can give.So Being enlightened is getting limitless love,joy and oneness with nature.


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    • Maraiya Storm profile image

      Maraiya Storm 8 years ago from Prescott, Arizona

      I read this several times over. It is very deep. If you read it quickly and don't really think about what is said, you won't get the message. It seems like you are making a brief, interesting statement; however, what you have said here is on a very high level and an extremely important concept that can really lift up mankind. I actually know this information, but I needed to be reminded of it, and I needed to apply it at this time.

      Enlightenment doesn't come from the mind. Knowing divine guidance for each step does not come from the mind's trying to make decisions based on logic and analysis and continual thinking about problems, past, present and future. Divine guidance comes from quieting the mind's thoughts. Emotions come from the mind's worrying. Direction, wisdom, inner peace, love and joy come through you and to you from God when you decide to quiet your mind and let your mind be a receptacle for awarenesses coming to you from God. As you let go of the world's ways of thinking and deciding and just let God flow through you, you become highly intuitive and divinely guided every moment.

      Thoughts create emotions. Emotions block intuitive guidance and God's messages to you. Emotions block the love and joy. Ask God to send you love, send yourself love, quiet your mind, and then the emotions calm down and you feel peaceful, and you know what to do.

      At first you were sounding much like a Buddhist, until you started talking about God. I think that the Buddhists believe in an inner self that is divine and that guides them; yet they don't pray to God for help, they just meditate and ask their inner God to tell them things and bring them love and joy -- am I correct about this? I think that God exists and does help and it is important to pray to God and that we need direct help from God and not singularly help from the inner God. It can also be very helpful to call on Jesus to be with us in trying times, to send us his love and messages. It is also important to meditate to feel God's wisdom and love inside of yourself. Christians call this inner God self Holy Spirit, which they say is Jesus inside of you. It's all one. I am a Christian, primarily, but I have some Buddhist leanings and understand about things like energy and meditation and enlightenment. Christians call enlightenment "becoming just like Jesus," which I think really says it. If you try to talk to a Christian about becoming "enlightened," they probably won't listen because they think you sound "unChristian"; but if you say "becoming like Jesus," then they listen. Some Christians believe we can't and aren't meant to become like Jesus, while other Christians believe we are meant to do this. I believe that we are meant to strive to become like Jesus, which can lead us into ascension. Ascension has levels to it, and you can keep going higher and higher until you are as Jesus is. Some Christians would say that is blasphemous, while other Christians would see it as a great goal. Jesus said we would do greater things than he.

      I needed this reminder lesson ... thanks so much! And you are right, when you are in a state of oneness with God, you also feel nature inside of you as you, as well, because God is nature, in His feminine side of God. Earth is our mother (we could learn much from the Native Americans on that subject).

      I think you may have given me an idea for a new hub. Hmm.

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      Thank you omdelhi

    • omdelhi profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 10 years ago from New Delhi

      Well said. nice hub. thumbs up.

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