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A Karmic Trap to Avoid No Matter What: Believing You Can Skip Your Karma

Updated on April 4, 2011

One of the worst spiritual traps you can succumb to is believing you can avoid karmic retribution from your past lives and present life. Such wishful thinking can make you falsely believe you are invincible, setting you up for major disappointment.

Subsequently, as karmic circumstances creep up on you out of nowhere when your guard is down, your life is seriously interrupted or worse. As this happens, those unrealistic goals and desires go up in smoke and you’re left in despair. Had you not entirely avoided exploring your unique personal predetermination, you could have prevented a lot of pain.

No amount of attempting to create the reality you desire will permit you to skip your karma and fate. God laughs when you boldly declare your intent. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” only applies to realistic plans, not those outside of your predetermined life structure.

We’re entirely supportive of you doing your best to manifest your dreams. However, erroneously believing that cosmic law doesn’t apply to you and that you can “defy gravity” only fosters disenchantment and setbacks.

How to Escape This Vicious Trap

First, in order to steer clear of this snare, you must fully concede the existence of inescapable personal adversity.

Everyone must undergo their own unique tests and trials in life, and there is no magic wand solution to get around that. Yes, you can make the most of any difficulty with your free will, but ignoring the realities of life won’t help you on your spiritual path. By the way, never underestimate the hellish demands of other people’s personal karma; they may just hide it well, and present a very convincing charmed life façade.

Typical examples of unique personal adversity include the following: early life mental, physical and, or sexual abuse that leads to very difficult to overcome fears and defenses, making operating normally and productively in society an almost impossible task; impossible to break addictions; being trapped in a situation where you can’t escape involving family you must care for, with limited resources; problematic mental or physical health that greatly hinders your ability to advance in life; serious illness (yours or a family member’s) that drains your financial resources and time; being stuck in a marriage with tremendous family burdens where you have almost no free time to pursue additional education and skills; doing “all the right things,” and “making all the right decisions,” yet still being forced to endure meager success along with significant humility (chosen by your soul, not your personality).

“Accidents of birth,” you say? Accepting the literal meaning of the term suggests an absolute denial of karma, fate, and predetermination. Frankly, it’s a victim mentality, or simple bitterness toward those who have a more rewarding fate this time around.

Personal accountability extends beyond what you can see right now in this life. Spiritually speaking, it follows your soul from lifetime to lifetime and forces you to balance every single one of your debts, no matter what your personality in this life might desire. Such is life, we have found through our many years of empirical research involving past life regression and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

What about the challenging situations in which “innocent” people get unavoidably roped into? Chance? We don’t think so.

What You Must Do Next in Avoiding This Trap

The most important thing you can do to avoid life’s nasty surprises is to get to know yourself thoroughly. That includes your subconscious self involving hidden fears and defenses, and strengths and challenges (handwriting analysis is fantastic for this), as well as your spiritual roots. Even if you only accept past lives as metaphorical information, past life regression can still be very illuminating.

The better you know yourself, the more realistic your goals and success, and the more at peace you will be.

Take our advice outlined in this article and you’ll forever avoid this toxic spiritual trap.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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