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Struggle, Belief, Hope, Fulfillment

Updated on February 25, 2019
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Calaen is a innovative, inspiring, creative and ambitious entrepreneur that has taken up writing to express his profound ideas

The Struggle is in the Past

On the road of life, we encounter many road blocks, detours, closed lanes, traffic jams, wrecks, and a crippling fear of driving to begin with. As you navigate these dilemmas, you learn skills that are priceless on your road to fulfillment.

The Struggles

A picture I kept as a hopeful reminder of my life improving eventually
A picture I kept as a hopeful reminder of my life improving eventually

Struggles Redifined

We have all heard it before: You go through all things for a reason.

With so much smoke from this saying being thrown around, surely there is a fire somewhere! Let’s follow the pillar of smoke and see where it leads us: here’s a hint....the fire.

Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire. (Again?)

As a kid and early into my adulthood, I had many struggles that I truly don’t think most people have gone through. The thing is, coming out on the other side victorious is the monumental achievement you get to share as your own personal success story continues to develop. The struggles I went through, the struggles you go through, are all learning curves on the road of life. Life does have a set of rules when engaging in the race, one that every driver knows is they must stay in their lane. The law of the road that most people fail to recognize, is when you hit a struggle (aka a curve) you have two options: Learn how to navigate the curve, or hit the guard rail. If you navigate the curve properly, you have now successfully learned a new driving skill and that curve (or struggle) is no longer the daunting cliff you thought it was.

On the otherside of the curve is a guard rail. Your gonna hit it hard if you don’t teach yourself how to drive that curve. The guard rail will keep you from being devestated much from the carnage, that you will still attempt to drive more and try to learn that curve so you can move on.

Are you aware that your car is a the only one of your make and model in all of history? By the way....

What I have found that keeps the car going in the midst of hitting the guard rail time and time and time again is a little bit of one word: Hope. Hoping and believing in yourself enough to know that one day you will make a better life for yourself. Even when the guard rail keeps swallowing your car, you get out of that car and recognize that the curve isn’t the end of the road. Look further than the wreck, and then you will see that the wrecks will just be setbacks until you have mastered one struggle and moved on to the next.

Struggles will always be apart of your life, but you decide the struggles you keep in your life and the struggles you over come. Hope and Belief is what anchors the boat in the midst of the storm.

What Did I Just Read?

You took the first step in finding out that there are road signs if you just look for them. (This Article)

Staying in touch with finding out creative ways to overcome your struggle will greatly influence whether or not you conquer these series of struggles.

Struggles hurt for a reason: to keep you from going back to the struggle once you learn to navigate it

Calaen Owen Burton, Thats Me

This is my first article that I have ever partaken in. I am sure you are aware of the growth that can happen if you were to stick around. By overcoming my struggles, I have taught myself skills that are going to blow away the world in an epic surprising showcase. Find out what it could be that I could write about that may change the way you think, and your life for good.

Just the Tip

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the discoveries I have to transform your life as you follow the steps and ideas I have assembled to be effective
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the discoveries I have to transform your life as you follow the steps and ideas I have assembled to be effective

Keep Coming Back

Im gonna leave you with a parting gift of sorts. You are now fully aware that you are capable of more than you think. As you have found this out, so did I in my experience writing this. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you

One of Many Hints God Dropped on Me

Early in learning how to accept divine guidance, I received this revelation.
Early in learning how to accept divine guidance, I received this revelation.

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