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...Prophecies of Revelations?No way: FUTURE IS OUR CREATION AND OUR RESPONSIBILITY: Individual&Global

Updated on May 19, 2009
Universe - NASA photo
Universe - NASA photo

With the deepest respect to every one`s religious beliefs, God is much more than it is written down in the Bible. Bible is an old book, consisted of texts of many different authors, rewritten, translated and changed many times.

By my opinion, Old Testament is very often more cruel then any of the war movies any of us ever watched, and it is just part of human history, written on the way how authors perceived it. Jahve (Jehovah) is very jealous God, too jealous, too possessive and too cruel comparing to the compassionate and loving Divine Intelligence who created us. Divine Intelligence is unconditional Love and Wisdom, which gives any of us always chances for progress.

The New Testament brings Light, Hope, Love and Compassion into the Bible, together with energies of Peace and Tolerance. Jesus is Avatar of Peace and Love. Every religion has such Divine Avatars who carried the most highest Divine&human ideals, showing the people different ways how to treat each other... with more love, respect, peace, tolerance and understanding. (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, guru Nanak, Mother Theresa......etc)

We are all connected, we are all part of Divine Intelligence who is creating us and supporting us.

I deeply respect the best in all religions in the world, but I also know that people can be controlled and manipulated with fear of God, with misinterpretations of Divine truths... How many wars had been created in the name of some God? And if any of us communicate with Divine Intelligence through open hearth and mind, fearless, can feel only pure love and hear "words" of support, peace and tolerance.





Echoes from the edge of Universe, NASA
Echoes from the edge of Universe, NASA

Prophecies of Revelations? Sorry, but I can imagine nicer future for humanity!

I have read Prophesies of Revelations, and never felt any resonance with them, although my soul decided to be born in Christian family (Romano Catholic).

This Prophecy was written down 2000 years ago, and it was personal experience of one man only. He saw some future happenings, and only God knows how he was able to interpret this visions 2000 years before?

People who meditate and contemplate know that sometimes visions occur but they do not need to be real prophecies. Only if we call them that way and do our best to fulfill them (what is not difficult if they are personal!)

A lot of prophets were using some stimulus's (drugs) for expanding the consciousness, and if someone fears of something, can really have scary visions. Anyone who had used alcohol or some drugs in inappropriate quantity knows about "movies in the head", anyone of us have had very vivid, lucid dreams which seemed like prophecies as well. By my opinion, and my hearth and common sense tells me so, st John saw in his visions his greatest fears and hopes, like any of us. Our choice is shall we believe in his fears, written down 2000 years ago and give them more of our energy, or shall we try to find the truth while exploring our personal Divinity and try to find real answers?

The modern Quantum science gave us also great discoveries, so we can combine new knowledge of humanity with spiritual discoveries of religious people during the history of humanity...and find the answers within ourselves.

One of the most confusing experiments occurred when quantum physicians (Bohr) observed electrons/photons, and they sometimes acted as waves, sometimes like particles...depending of observer expectations. Without watching them, they exist just as a set of probabilities!!!

Our future is also...just set of probabilities...until is observed, on one way or another. I prefer to observe it like paradise for all.


This Universe in which we live is intelligent and alive and reacts on our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, visions. What we imagine, and believe in it we MANIFEST in our lives. Our thoughts and emotions have electromagnetic power, and they magnetize and shape themselves into material reality.

Kingdom of God is really within us, like Jesus said, nowhere else. This Kingdom we can shape with power of our energies - positive or negative thoughts, emotions, visions. WE ARE DIVINE BEINGS, and have power and responsibility to create better future for our children and grandchildren, as well as for ourselves.

We are all connected, what we think, feel, imagine and manifest in our lives, INFLUENCES all our surrounding, and everyone else on this planet.

Our planet is now exactly as we created it, all together. With power of our visions and changing the beliefs, with extraordinary power within us, we can create better world for all, by respecting spiritual laws. And teach our children how to create love and peace.

There is many millions of people on Earth today who have positive visions and work together to create patterns for fulfilling the highest human ideals about peace, love and mutual cooperation and tolerance. There was never so many of them in history of humanity. It is big light net of positive vibrations, in which any of us can enter and consciously become part of it. This energetic field is full of creative visions, there is no place for human fears of Apocalypse. And I know that this power of positive intentions can create only the best for all.

God is unconditional Love, and give us choice: we can choose shall we follow the path of love, tolerance, peace and cooperation with all, or shall we follow the path of fear and intolerance.

Human fear is our biggest problem, because it forces us to see the enemy in other human being, so we fight instead to cooperate, what is nonsense because we are all God`s children, part of One Divine Being who has given us freedom of creation. We should overcome our fears, and concentrate on our most idealistic visions...and send love to all planet. First results will occur very soon, in our private lives, alchemy of love is the strongest one in our Universe.

Paradise on river KRKA, Croatia
Paradise on river KRKA, Croatia

All religions agree that Love is the strongest power in our world. We should use it and love this amazing, shining world where we live, and fulfill our lives with the best of our love and wisdom. This will affect everyone else on some level and influence all world.

Power of our words, thoughts, emotions and vision creates all necessary changes we need. And influence all.

The latest proof was given by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who proved on frozen water crystals how big is our power of creation, and we should not underestimate it, because we can use it for the best in our lives and best for all.

Love and light to all of you.

Tatjana- Mihaela Pribic


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