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South African History.

Updated on September 16, 2015

1652- 2016 ( settlers, apartheid to modern day democracy)


South African History.

1652- 2016( settlers, apartheid to modern day democracy)

First track

Where is the cross Lord Jesus died on.

2 Who did king Shaka pray to? Nandi.

3 Nguni Tribes.

4 Anglo Boer War

5 Egoli eGauteng ( discovery of Gold).

6 The great track.

7 Apartheid.

8 June 169I write what I like, Biko..

10 Oliver Tambo.

11 Nelson Mandela.

12 Thabo Mbeki.

13 Kwaito

14 Black Diamonds.

15 A.I.D.S

16 Crime.

17 Social issues( Nyuphe, tick, hi Jackings , social grants, teenage pregnancies, poverty

18 Politics.

19 Dreams

20 Outro.

New Cash Money Dreams


God Mum and Dad

Everything in life that made me stronger.

New Money Gang founderLucianoProducer and Co Founder Maphorisa

All tracks Written by Nkosi ( Gods Poet Nkosi)

Vocals Female Ngilosi

Vocals Male Gintsa

Group name Izingilosi Emhlabeniā€ˇ( Angels on Earth)

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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