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Hunt your Hidden Treasure

Updated on July 3, 2017

the wings of gold

The Riches God Bestows

The riches God wants to bestow upon us! How can you ask just one blessing? Ask according to His great riches. Hunt the hidden treasure, they're buried deep within you.

Plant your feet on higher ground. Stay close to Jesus! The God who calmed the violent tempest with a command, He can and will calm your stormy turmoil you are facing.

Are you swallowed up inside a great fish in the depths of the sea? You see no light, no hope of deliverance;God listened and delivered Jonah;Jesus is waiting for you, to forgive you and enfold you in His arms.To welcome you into His kingdom.

Your light seems to dim your flame or is it dying out? Remember His words:

A bruised reed He will not break; A smoking flax He will not quench until He sends forth judgment unto victory.(Matt 12:20)

Two pots served their mistress: one was filled to the brim the other half filled. The broken pot had barely reached the house, the water was gone .The mistress thought of a plan. She sowed the seeds of flowers along the foot path. Each morn as she walked down the path with her pots, the broken pot spilled the water along its path. In a short while pretty flowers were blooming along the side-walk that brought a smile to many a weary traveler.

Although you are in a broken state, you are not unworthy. Jesus can still use you.Jesus can create you into an exquisite masterpiece. Commit your all into His hands.Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith.

Commitment Precedes Success

Duty to man and God is the sole responsibility of man on earth.When man reckons his duty to God ,he spontaneously develops a right attitude of his accountability to man. Striking loud and clear then is his commitment visible.

God expects man to do all things willingly and cheerfully not as to man; but as to the lord.-Col.3:23,24.

A conscientious worker although passed unnoticed patiently weaves his paths over the mountains and through the valleys until his goal is reached; despite the scorns and rebuffs of the passers by he keeps toiling on.

The Beaver is an excellent example of an industrious worker which stays committed to its task. A farmer once tried to discourage a beaver from building a dam across the river by breaking down the barrier .The following day he found it reconstructed .An idea dawned on the farmer and he placed a lighted lantern near the site of  construction. The next day the lantern was fund covered with leaves and twigs;and the beavers' work continued.Once again the farmer tried another stunt by placing a rotating wheel that produced sounds of the beat of a drum , as it kept spinning by the force of the river gushing down. This time too the farmer was astounded to find the spinning wheel clogged with sticks. Finally the farmer gave up!Commitment is the sterling quality of a successful individual. It is the vital essence in every phase of life and in every mode of work.

A determined  heart will never give up and stay committed to his task. Remember duty to man is duty to God! Lack of commitment is like a crown that has lost its jewels.


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