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Ghosts And Psychics Rock Radio Hosts

Updated on July 11, 2009

When I visited the studios of Coast Rock FM to interview the breakfast crew about the supernatural, I had a feeling I’d picked the perfect day. It was Friday the 13th.

There was no hint of the usual slapstick comedy the crew were known for on air when I asked them to recall their own encounters with the paranormal.

Bob Peters began with how in the summer of 1982 he was working at radio station 2XT when something very unusual occurred.

‘I was single at the time and living in a very old house that had been split into two apartments.’ he recalled. ‘I was only twenty-two-years-old, and there was no way I believed in ghosts. That was until I experienced something very weird.’

‘I remember waking up at one o’clock in the morning with a strange feeling that something very bad was happening.

‘I suddenly realised I couldn’t move my head, my arms or legs. I was totally frozen. As I looked toward the end of the bed I saw a hazy white apparition. It was transparent. I tried very hard to move but couldn’t. I closed my eyes to block out the vision and just fell asleep. When I woke in the morning, everything was fine.’


Years later, Bob would experience the same ghostly occurrence while living in an old federation style home in Sydney.

‘It was exactly the same as the time before,’ he said. ‘I was paralysed and the spectre was standing there looking at me.’

Fortunately, some stern advice from his mother quickly solved the paranormal visits.

‘My mother is Italian and very superstitious. She told me to never have my bed facing the door. Since listening to her, I’ve never had anymore problems with ghosts.’

Bob also recalled something else he found very strange.

‘My wife, Julie and I always wanted children from the day we were married. But after eight desperate years we had begun contemplating the IVF program.

‘In 1992, Julie lost three relatives in the space of a month – two aunties and her stepfather.

'Strangely, the week after the funerals, Julie fell pregnant. When we visited the gynaecologist, who was a practising Buddhist, he asked us if anyone had died in our family recently. He explained that it was a firmly held belief within the Buddhist religion that a birth always followed a death.’

Bob Peters would like to believe that these strange occurrences were nothing more than his imagination.

But he can't.

Bob Peters, Kylie-Anne Barr and Marty Haynes
Bob Peters, Kylie-Anne Barr and Marty Haynes

Having interviewed Bob Peters, I turned my attention to Marty Haynes and Kylie-Anne Barr – the co-hosts of the breakfast show.

Marty explained that the show has a very special listener each morning. A person that seems to know exactly what is going on in the minds of Bob, Marty and Kylie.

The listeners name is Pauline Clarke, a psychic who has taken a special interest in the morning crew of Coast Rock FM.

‘It’s strange how she seems to know exactly what is going on behind the scenes here at the station,’ Marty Haynes said. ‘I could be having an argument with Bob Peters off-air when suddenly the phone will ring and Pauline will say stop fighting with Bob and get on with the job.’

Kylie-Anne Barr agrees that Pauline is exceptional in her ability to know what is going on off-air.

‘One morning I was at the station and had just had an enormous fight with my mother over the phone,’ Kylie-Anne said.

‘I was very upset and couldn’t stop crying. Suddenly the phone rang and when I picked it up the voice said, pull yourself together Kylie, stop crying, and get on with the job. It was Pauline.’

Bob Peters also believes strongly in Pauline’s psychic abilities.

‘She told me she could see three children, two boys and a girl. I now have a boy and a girl but we would certainly like another child. This was told to me during the time my wife and I thought we would never have children.’

Marty believes one-hundred-percent in Pauline’s ability to predict the future. He says that Pauline has told him things about himself that not even his closest friends know.

‘Pauline is truly amazing. She knows exactly what I want out of my career and she also knows in which direction I would like to be heading in the future.’

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