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Giving Of Yourself

Updated on September 9, 2011
Rejoice by Clara Nathan
Rejoice by Clara Nathan | Source

The Spirit Whisperer Den

As a result of my daily meditation and my continued study of A Course in Miracles coupled with my daily interaction with some very fine people. The wheels in my head have been turning more than usual.

I woke up one morning and I realised that if I created a meeting place for like minded people who were genuinely interested in love, service and truth then we would attract more of that energy to us and that would in turn lead to something positive.

There are many people in the world who are good, honest genuine people who are not convinced that the way we live our lives is the best way. There are many who see how people strive all their lives for the accumulation of wealth and financial security when in their hearts they realise that no such thing can exist in this world. We cannot eat money nor can we bring it with us when we die so why spend our lives devoted to it?

I decided to this meeting place and it now exists as the new Spirit-Whisperer Website which is like a den where people who share the values I write about in this hub come to share of themselves.

Sharing is Caring

The mind is in a stupor that allows those with the strongest egos to dictate to the masses who simply do as they are told to do without question. When someone comes along and tells us that there is another way, what do we do? We crucify him.

There is another way and the way is through giving and sharing unconditionally. When everyone learns to share unconditionally of themselves we will not be able to comprehend how we could have lived any other way.

The ego cannot conceive of surrender and that is exactly why we must surrender to the truth within each one of us of who we really are. We must stop fighting with each other and look for the best in each person we encounter. We must learn to refuse to see anything but the good in each one and share everything we have of ourselves until there is nothing separating us from our brothers and sisters.

Giving is Receiving

These are lofty ideals indeed but achievable in my view. Taking one step at a time I believe Man can realise truth but not by clinging to the ideas that have kept him a prisoner of greed and self preservation.

I am not advocating that we just give everything away, no not at all, as that would be the other extreme and no good could come of that either. I am talking about each person taking responsibility and acting in ways to promote abundance and happiness. Imagine waking up every morning thinking of ways to make everyone you meet happier and wealthier.

What we give out with pure heart will come back to us ten fold. Getting is not the motivation for giving but rather it is an inevitable consequence of it. It is our nature to give and receive love and it is through giving unconditionally that we create the environment and circumstances for our own receiving.

Nurturing a new way of thinking

So what does this mean in practical terms? It is very simple. Spend ten minutes of everyday thinking of ways to give of yourself in order to make someone's life happier.

It is easier if the person is someone you like but it is actually far more rewarding if it is someone who dislike or even fear. Suspend judgement and just do what comes naturally to you, love unconditionally. Go out of your way to do and say things to genuinely make another person's life happier. What have you got to lose?

The Sharing Website

I recently created a new website to gather people together who would be willing to recommend books that they have read and which they found useful. The books they recommend have to be special to them so that their recommendations are imbued with the love and passion which enhanced their own lives.

I have given these people space on my website to write for the betterment of their fellow man. To explain the benefits they have derived from the books they recommend and to blog about their own lives in order to connect with people who can be helped by them in sharing what they have learned. This is an example of how a little time spent thinking creatively has manifested in a website based on the idea of sharing.

There is more than enough for us all

There is nothing wrong with money or becoming rich but not if you do it at the expense of your brother. There is enough for us all in this world it is just that we need more people to share not their wealth but of themselves which is their true wealth and abundance.

"Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows." Sri Sathy Sai Baba.


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