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Goddesses: Cards by Susan Seddon Boulet

Updated on March 13, 2014

This is, without doubt, one of my most favourite decks of oracle cards. It is a refreshing change from many of the brighter, lighter varieties of oracle deck - as with the Goddess herself, these cards take on a darker, earthier tone, representing the Goddess in her many forms and guises.

Susan Seddon Boulet's artwork is divine - there is something within each painting that stirs the spirit, and connects you to the primordial essence of goddess energy. Goddesses of all cultures are represented, from Isis to Sedna, Butterfly Maiden to Hera.

There is no guidebook - also a refreshing change as it can be tempting to rely too much on the notes and not so much on your own intuition and interpretation of imagery when reading oracle cards. There are 48 cards, each with a sumptuous goddess painting, and notes on the back describing who that goddess is. You get a brief overview of the goddess's story and how her journey and traits apply to us in the human world, thus giving a starting point for reading the card but allowing for the reader to make of the card what he or she will in relation to the client.

In addition to using these for regular readings, for both myself and others, I also love to use them each year to choose a goddess to work with, or to ask a goddess for help. Who do I need to work with right now to solve this issue? Whose energy do I need to take on right now? What lesson do I need to learn from this? Which goddess wishes to work with me this year?

Myths, gods and goddesses form deeply ingrained archetypes of our psyche, so cards such as these speak to us in far greater ways than we may realise. They make a beautiful and essential addition to a card reader's shelf of oracle cards, and I have a feeling they might become one of your firm favourites, as they are mine.

Shoppers from the UK can buy Susan Seddon Boulet's Goddess Knowledge cards here.

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Do you work with angel and goddess cards? Have you used this deck? What do you think of Susan Seddon Boulet's artwork? Please share your thoughts and feedback here. To leave a comment you need to be signed into Squidoo. You can sign up for a free Squidoo account or easily sign in via Facebook or Twitter when you submit your comment.


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