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gods name is not jehovah

Updated on December 14, 2010

jupiter or jove (hove)

one can call him many names but that

God has many names and won't care much, eloh el, elohim, allah, ullah, ollah, ali, yah, yahweh, the creator or the wonderful one, etc. Basically anything that is the most and/or good. But why not jehovah? Because of what the word itself means. One place it comes from is the many pagan sky gods of the Greco-Roman world, one name jupiter or sky-father. And when breaking the word down "jeh" means man god "hovah" means woman god, which can mean hermaphrodite or be 2 gods which he is not. It also means god of perversion, destruction and sorrow which is the attributes of jupiter. 2nd, God doesn't like the Edomites (descendants of Esau) who include Greeks and Romans since they pollute everything and even god's name. last is the simple part and that there is no J in the Hebrew language. anything hebrew with Y was changed to J. the closest to J many languages and hebrew had is G which can be corrupted to a J sound. J was put in the English-Romanized alphabet in the 15th century, so it was way too late.


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    • Sagittarius 2012 profile image

      Sagittarius 2012 6 years ago from Canada

      What makes you think torchthrower that God doesn't like the Edomites (descendants of Esau) who include Greeks and Romans.

      Was not Edomites, Greek and Romans the bringers of our civilization and Christian religion?


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