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Black Magic – all it takes is intent to do harm...

Updated on August 10, 2013

Black Arts


Definition of Black Magic

According to the web dictionary ‘Black Magic’ is defined as: ‘magic used for evil purposes; witchcraft; sorcery.' Another definition: ‘ Magic practiced for evil purposes or in league with supposed evil spirits; witchcraft.

Only done by witches and sorcerers?

If we say or do something with the intent of harming someone else, it is black magic. False accusations, manipulation of the truth, smear campaigns, defamation and vicious gossip are all forms of black magic if you think about it. The intent behind black magic is to harm your enemy, the word ‘enemy’ being a relative term of course. Just because it is done by those who practice the dark arts doesn’t mean that anyone can’t do it. You don’t need candles and toad’s feet to harm someone else with black magic. All you need is mal-intent and it happens all the time.


Before anyone can really understand that they are practicing black magic unwittingly, they must first understand the dynamics behind ‘magick’ as a practice. There is a difference between ‘stage magic’ and ‘magick’ as a practice which is why many Wiccans, and other practitioners choose to add the ‘k’ at the end. In occult (occult meaning ‘knowledge of the hidden’ not evil) practices, magick is the ‘science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will (intent)..’ The power of the intention for change to occur is the primary ingredient in any magickal practice. You can light candles, dance and do all kinds of things to stir the energy of intent but it is ultimately the intent that matters.

The Power of Intention

Never underestimate the power of your intention. It is the will that drives you. Most people are not even aware that situations that have occurred in their lives have occurred because of their own intentions. Let me share an example:

One woman told me that for many years she hated her husband. He drank, he was irresponsible and for whatever reason she never felt free to leave. In her mind, being a drunk and irresponsible were not sufficient grounds for a divorce. She began to fantasize about him beating her so he would be sent to jail and taken out of the home. Then she could make her escape freely, knowing that his beating her would be sufficient grounds to leave. He had never been violent with her before. One night, they got into a terrible argument (not the first) and he screamed into her face and when she pushed him away, he beat her. Terribly. He was indeed taken away from the home.

Now that may seem a bit fantastic and certainly we fantasize about a lot of things that never happen. However, the fact that she fantasized about it for many years cannot be ignored. It was not a matter of simple daydreaming and fantasizing about ‘I wonder what it would be like…’ It was her ticket to freedom, and she had the desire and will for it to happen.

People have underestimated the power of their intentions for centuries. The little piece of gossip said with mal-intent has brought destruction to the lives of many throughout history.

During the Salem Witch Trials for example; most of those (probably close to none) put to death were not even witches. They were Christian people accused by their neighbors of evil-doing, thus being a witch. Some of these neighbors making the accusations were not doing so out of fear of evil but out of jealousy, judgment, envy, and ill-will. No one was ever proven to be a witch. However, it is very interesting how such mass hysteria was caused by the false accusations of three young girls. Accusations…and the willingness on the part of those that chose to hear meting out punishment without proof and without investigation. The spoken word can be so very deadly. Not black magic? There are some very dark similarities yet the accusers were part of a puritan culture and certainly would never practice such an art…at least as far as they knew.

There are many, many other examples but you get the idea.

The Theory behind ‘The Secret’

In the book (and the movie) called ‘The Secret’, intent and will are what is required to gain happiness, wealth, and wellness. Sending the intention for that which you desire is what brings it to you. Whether that is a new car, job, etc., there are steps that need to be taken in order to gain that which you are seeking. That theory took the world by a storm many people began to use the methods of ‘The Secret’ to improve their lives. However, what many have not readily embraced is the idea that there is also harmful or negative intent. Many dismiss this idea as hocus pocus, criticizing the idea from the book, ‘The Four Agreements’ that gossip and the spread of misinformation is akin to black magic sending emotional poison out to the person, place or situation. Yet, the theory behind ‘The Secret’ is readily accepted.

As humans, we don’t want to accept that our words and thoughts are very powerful and can create bad as well as good, wrong as well as right. What a big responsibility and responsibility for one’s actions is not exactly a practice widely encouraged in our culture.

Many businesses will spread misinformation about their competitors, politicians against their opponents, religious factions against other religious factions and so on. Black Magic - all done to cause change in conformity with their will to damage the opponent. The justifications are numerous, of course, all done out the ‘good for others’ mentality. The Media are masters of the art of black magic through misinforming and manipulating the public. The truth doesn’t sell unless you take away or add to it, it needs sensationalism.

So What?

Well, perhaps in our culture we are willing to accept certain behaviors as part of normal life. Yes, gossip is interesting and truthfully, everyone is guilty of wanting to know juicy stuff about someone else. Yet, many times we really do not know if the gossip or information we are hearing is true. We are conditioned to simply accept and take someone else’s word for what we hear…even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it is unjust and unproven…we can use our cognitive dissonance to excuse our responsibility for ‘drinking the kool-aid’ especially if we believe the victim or victims deserve what is happening.

It never occurs to us, that one day we may be the victim of black magic directed at us from someone or something else.

There is one caveat. Practitioners of magick are more than aware that ill-use of these practices has a downside. If you send black magic to someone else, like a boomerang it comes back to you…with a vengeance. Nothing personal, just the Universal law around working with magick…what you send out comes back so be safe and send only that which you are willing to accept yourself. So, if you stop sending your own black magic, chances are greater that you will never have to worry about it coming back to you.

Be impeccable with your words and actions...creating change in conformity with your will for the greater good.


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    • profile image

      Alvin caudill 

      3 years ago

      Enjoyed your post my lady....


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