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The Haunted

Updated on June 23, 2015

Their eyes follow you. Out of the corner of your eye, you swear you saw it move. All by its self. They bring into your life catastrophe, illness and general unease and weirdness. Sometimes they just give you the heebie-jeebies.
Creepy Dolls. Cursed objects.

The Woman from the Lemb Statue

Believed to have been created around 3500 B.C.E. , the Woman from the Lemb astatue is also known as the "Goddess of Death." Carved from pure limestone, the statue was discovered in 1878, Lemb, Cpyrus
The statue first belonged Lord Elphont and his family. . Within six years, All seven members of the Elphont family had died. It belonged Ivor Manucci, whose family members passed away within four years of bringing the statue into their home.
It passed into the hands of Lord Thompson-Noel. After the Thompson-Noels all passed [ four years ], it went to Sir Alan Biverbrook, whose wife and two daughters soon took ill and died, followed by the Lord himself within few months later. The families two sons survived the curse. They agreed to donate the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum" in Edinburgh.
Soon, curator of the statues section soon sick and passed away. Today, the statue in safely tucked away behind glass.


Robert the Doll

Key West artist and writer Robert Eugene "Gene" Otto was given a doll a gift for this forth birthday. The doll looked weirdly Gene . Dressed in a sailor suit , three feet tall and holding a toy of his own, a miniature stuffed lion. Some of the child's own hair is said to sit atop Roberts head. Gene named him Robert and from the moment he first appeared, weird events plagued the family’s home." The Otto family were well off and known to mistreat their servants. It's rumored that Mrs. Otto caught her sons Haitian nanny practicing black magic and fired her. Before she left, the woman gave the child Robert, the life-like doll.


Robert,who would later inspire the 1988 horror film Childs Play. became Gene's most trusted, favorite companion; accompanying Otto on shopping trips, had a seat t the family dinner table and slept in the child's bed at night. One day, the child told his mother he wanted ."his middle name Gene ...He told her the doll's name was Robert not his" Gene's parents would hear him giggling and having conversions with Robert. As his parents passed by the closed bedroom door, they heard someone speaking with a deep-sounding voice. They found "furniture overturned in rooms in which Robert sat." Everyone in the family became plagued by horrible nightmares. Toys vanished and reappeared, mutilated, and whenever something bad happened, Gene would say, “Robert did it.” Mrs. Otto would go into her sons room and find her him" cowering in a corner while Robert sat perched in a chair or on the bed glaring at him" They could not keeps servants; they fled one after another.
Robert would eventually become banished to the attic. Even then, "passersby claimed to see a small figure moving from window to window." After Mr Otto passed, his son inherited the family mansion, moving in with his wife. He brought Robert down from the attic, over his wife's objections. Again, Robert the doll began accompanying him everywhere. The marriage slowly fell apart until "Mrs. Otto supposedly went insane and died of unknown reasons. Gene followed soon behind."
After the deaths, Robert had the house to himself. Robert was known to attack people and "passers by claimed to hear evil laughter coming from the Turret Room", Robert bedroom. The house sold to new owners, but after they awoke in the middle on the night and saw Robert, standing at the foot of their bed. giggling, a kitchen knife in clutched in his cloth hand." This was enough to send them fleeing from the home."
These days the accursed Robert "under lock and key at Key West’s Fort East Martello Museum.Visitors and employees claim they have seen the doll move." He scowls.His head and body switch position. You can visit him, but make sure you ask his permission before taking his picture. If you take the picture without permission, bad luck "will befall upon you and anyone who accompanied you to the museum. The same will happen if you make fun of him".


1970: a woman shopping in a thrift store bought doll a birthday gift her daughter, Donna, a college student. It was a large a Raggedy-Ann style doll for . Her daughter liked it and put it in her apartment. Named it Annabelle. But soon, strange things began happening in the apartment. Both Donna and her roommate,Angie, said the doll moved on its own, subtle at first; a slight shifting of position. But soon the doll seemed to become fully mobile, moving room to room on."even though no one had touched it.And one witnessed Annabelle standing upright on its rag doll legs.
They found small scraps of parchment paper, which they didn't even own, with childish handwriting scrawled on them."Help Us,"the papers read. "Help, Lou." Lou a friend of the girls, hated Annabelle. Said she was evil. "One night Donna returned home to find Annabelle in her bed, with blood on her hands." Or least what looked like blood.
The girls contacted a psychic medium, who told them Annabelle was possessed "by the spirit of a young girl who had died in the apartment building. The medium told them that Annabelle liked the girls and wanted to stay. They said she could. However, after permission was granted, the frighting paranormal events only increased, including a vicious attack on Lou.
The girls contacted renowned psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. They told the girls it wasn't a dead child possessing the doll, but a demon. A episcopalian priest performed an exorcism on the apartment and the Warrens took possession of the doll. They put Annabelle in a bag and headed home. During the 65 mile trip, they were besieged with car trouble something Ed Warren had been concerned might happen."The engine kept cutting out, the power steering kept failing and even the brakes gave them trouble. Ed opened the bag, sprinkled the doll with holy water and the disturbances stopped... for the moment. "
After several frighting incidents in the Warren home, they placed Annabelle it in a glass cabinet in their Occult Museum in Connecticut. The sign on the glass reads, “Warning: Positively Do Not Open.


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    • Pollyanna Jones profile image

      Pollyanna Jones 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      Creepy stuff! I enjoyed your hub, and I don't think I'll be purchasing any second-hand rag dolls in a hurry now.