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Hitching A Ride

Updated on September 20, 2014

Hitching A Ride

Have you ever hitchhiked? I know I did back in the day.If my mother knew she would be soooo disappointed in me yet grateful that nothing happened to me the couple of times that I choose to hitchhike. Getting into that car did have me nervous, in fact: but I did it anyway with a friend, never alone. Not guaranteed if we were going to be taking to the place we wanted to go to.

I remember freaking out when the man made a right turn to a place that we weren't going to. I quickly yelled out" where are you taking us"? He was simply just stopping at a store before getting us to our final destination. But that is taking a risk getting in a car with a total stranger and stupid to say the least, anyway I think it is. But something's we do, as kids just to go with what everyone else is doing even if it means taking a risk that can harm us, Just to go along with the crowd.

Life Is Full - Of choices

Hitchhiking (also known as thumbing, tramping, hitching, autostop or thumbing up a ride) is a means of transportation that is gained by asking people, usually strangers, for a ride in their automobile or other road vehicle to travel a distance that may either be short or long. I had other means but just wanted to just go with the crowd for the excitement of it all.

Life is full of choices kind of like hitching a ride with a total stranger just to go to a place that we really don't have to go to at least for me it wasn't necessary.

To travel a distance that may be short or long is like taking two ways the short way or the long way? The short way is simply holding your thumb out waiting for a car to pull up to get you where you want to go even with all your baggage. The long way is getting permission from your parents and expecting no as an answer being difficult to accept and take that chance of not being able to go.

The bible tells us that there are two ways to choose from, the narrow path or the wide path,

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:13-14.

Which Road - am I on

Hitching A Ride transportation to choose the narrow path or the wide path? The short way or the long way? One must choose to follow the commandments of God or the commandments of men. One way is easy, the other way is hard. One gate leads to destruction, the other gate leads to eternal life. When we hitch a ride it can either lead us to destruction or to the place we want to go.

John 14:6) I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die".

So, you would do well to ask yourself: "Which road am I on?", for you must be on one road or the other; if you are not on the "narrow" road, then you are on the "broad" road.

"If it be the right road, you will find the entrance somewhat difficult, and exceedingly narrow; you must seek to do the will of God; you must seek to follow your Lord Jesus Christ. It is His guidance that will help us find our way on the narrow road. And the road is narrow, so you must travel light.

You can't make any progress on the narrow road while carrying a lot of the baggage of the world. The broad road is spacious. It easily accommodates you and all your baggage. Bring anything and everything with you; in other words any goes.

And though the way may be more difficult on the narrow road, and though you won't have as much company on the narrow road--all your friends may choose the broad road--, the narrow road has a great advantage over the broad road: it "leads to life", whereas the broad road leads to "destruction"

We cannot live our lives for ourselves and still enter the narrow gate. If we live life to please our sinful nature (flesh) we will not enter that narrow gate, but if we live our lives to please the Spirit we will receive eternal life.


Which road are you on?

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Salvation - In Jesus Christ

Salvation is a simple matter, when drawn by the Holy Spirit we need to come to faith in Jesus Christ and part of that faith is that we understand that we must follow Him and turn from our sins. Those who continue in the light as He is in the light will enter the narrow gate which leads to eternal life, but those who decide to follow the world and satisfy their sinful nature will be cast out into the darkness, away from God's presence.

John 14:6) I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.

Hitching a ride, I don't know about you but today I am hitching a ride with Jesus the resurrection and the life. I am taking the narrow road and traveling light being free from my old self which is my sinful nature and free from worldly baggage as difficult as it may be at times. The advantage is that I am choosing life over self destruction.


Father I pray in your Son's Jesus name the resurrection and the life that you will help us to stay on that narrow path. Just because many choose the short way the easy way gives us the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us and drawing us to that narrow road. In Jesus mighty name. Amen!

"Jesus Is Lord"

End Times

The end times is one of the hardest books in the bible to understand it helps sometimes to get insight into someone else's study. We can take out of it what we want. The best thing is to see if it does confirm according to God's Word, if it helps that is great.

Joyce Meyer, End times.

New Guestbook Comments - Which road are you on the narrow road or the wide road that is easier?

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    • lisln profile image

      LorLinda 4 years ago from Denver Colorado

      @ManfromModesto LM: LOL yes something like that you are so cute thank you for your valuable input your wonderful :)

    • ManfromModesto LM profile image

      ManfromModesto LM 4 years ago

      I like the way you used the analogy of "just going along with the crowd" to lead into telling about the wide road to Hell. Make the transition more complete. Really grab the reader. Make them want to read all the rest.

      "In life, are you just going along? Who is really leading your life? Where are you going?" Something like that. Peace.