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How to create the interconnection with Universe and New Earth through economic crisis

Updated on October 9, 2014

When Economic Crisis prevails

Note from the author: this article was written on 2008 and primarily re-published from my cancelled ENDLESS JOURNEY group on

Sincerely we are going through a difficult turning-point in the history of humanity, but essentially not the most difficult era of all Eras.

Everyday we read and listen to news on the bankrupt of the monetary system as well as the corrupted political and social life.

What we should take into consideration is that no system is about to collapse, unless the moral and spiritual ties which serve and maintain it have already collapsed.

The society itself has been inherited with free will in order to cultivate the spiritual-moral background, but again this society disrupts it with its deeds and choices.

Well, no one should wonder about the economic and social insecurity and disintegration, because it was long time ago expected to occur...

The more the Man constantly ignores or is provocatively shows indifference to his spiritual development and defies learning from his errors and mankind history as well , the more he is removed from the most significant opportunity given to him in order to follow the constant Earth vibrations due to Earth Shift.

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Spiritual writer-freelancer


Earth Shift
Earth Shift

New Earth and Spiritual Interconnection

Proceeding to the New Earth and the Spiritual Interconnection , it is of great importance to follow the rules below:

  1. Have Faith in ourselves and our strength, but also to something Higher (Divine Consciousness,Higher Power,God ). This faith leads to action only by thought.
  2. -To rely on our strength and actions as well as our choices.
  3. -To have confidence in our creative efforts and never give up.
  4. -To envisage always the best for ourselves and for humanity.
  5. -To be true and honest in every action.
  6. -To consider changes and obstacles as opportunities
  7. and challenges for self-development.
  8. -To copy with each experience as another lesson of life.
  9. -To live within the present and believe in its power.
  10. -To feel Gratitude for each valuable moment of this life concerning
  11. abundance and goods, which are provided to us by Higher Forces.
  12. -To comprehend the Law of Offering in our life.
  13. -To accept and learn from our mistakes.
  14. -To listen to our Intuition and our Inner Voices.
  15. -To think with our heart and not with our mind.
  16. -Not to be afraid.
  17. -To allow Light to pass especially when we are in a difficult
  18. situation allowing Angels to solve our problem.
  19. -To seek our resolution within our spiritual purification
  20. and shift rather than seeking material goods.

Healing through Earth Shifting

The memory and the cocoon

Humans are born and raised within temptations,in an insipid system, which educates in such a way that can completely entrape them within his own "cocoon".

Then the memory of his "cocoon" is effaced.

Every human being believes that what he sees, experiences and senses is absolutely normal and admires those senses, as the forfeit of his fate.

This is the consummation of his development.

I usually present this "reality" as an "Illusion".

This is of course the "plain truth"...

If a human being does not comprehend the statement "illusion", he probably belongs to a group of people who possibly have no idea of what spiritual awakening and connection with the Universe is.

Does is take long to comprehend the deepest essence of the concept "false reality" and the urgent necessity of understanding of the Spiritual Growth as well as the connection with something obviously Higher?

The answers should be researched within us .

If someone is ready to get rid of the old intellectual commitments, and implement the first basic rules for an upgraded spiritual life, we can unreservedly utter "yes"!

Nevertheless we can utter "no", for someone who does not wish to resign from all the old standards of living.

These changes excite a feeling of awe, because they nevertheless lead to something quite different.

Basically this reaction occurs due to the changes that force a non-awakened human to change his way of thinking.

Many people upon Earth just prefer to live their conventional life within their temptations, their inaction and intellectual poverty, but not risk addressing selves beyond that point.

The crucial point which embarks on a Spiritual Development.

Think about how inconvenient this factor is!

Most people live in denial, because truth scares.

Above all, truth annoys!

However, truth leads to purification.

Intellectual development is created within the Spiritual Interconnection and the Ascension new frequencies of Earth.

Earth vibrates at a higher level now.

It is extremely urgent for people to change at all levels ( mental, physical and emotional level), in order to keep pace with these higher vibrations.


Eternal Prayer

A short prayer to encourage strenghten

and empower Spirit ,Body and Mind.

Eternal Prayer

Heavenly Realms

Heavenly Ruler

You who protect us

guide us

encourage us

give us Strength

and endurance

we support

the helpless

and protect life

Thanks to You we exist

Thanks to the Immortal

Heavenly Spirit.

From Spiritual /metaphysical Poetry Book :

Cosmic Light

A multidimensional tour in the Source of Universe ....

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