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How To Know If Your Being Haunted

Updated on May 15, 2014

Do you think you are being haunted? The quiz will show you how much your haunted and the chart will tell you what your being haunted with. Then theirs a serve on every one that is haunted thinks they might be haunted or isn't haunted at all.

are you haunted?

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White flying orbs
a guridian angel
Dark moving figures
demon spirit
Random yells/ screams
murderd soul
Unexpected whistpers
a warning sign
Pets getting alarmed at nothing
dangerous spirit
Out of energy/ getting sick
energy vampire

White flying orbs: It means that there is most likely to be a guardian angel watching over you, if you see these they might be a dead relative or close dead friend watching out for you P.S. if its a relative that died knowing your biggest dream they might just make it happen!

Random Screams/Yells: It means there might be a spirit in your house that was murdered for a bad reason. you might want to call up a paranormal investigating team to help you cross them over.

Unexpected Whispers: Its a sign that the ghost there doesn't want you there and you should call a church persist to come over and bless the house, but make shore you bless the house and the property. if that doesn't work you need to call over a demon or bad spirit investigating team

Dark Moving Figures: They are most likely a demon, but it depends on what kind of demon it is it could just be a bad one that will go away if your house is blessed or it could be one that will do anything to get you out of the house so you might want to figure it out before its to late.

If you aren't convinced try reading forgotten burial, a restless spirits plea for justice, about Jodi fosters paranormal experiences with ghosts ever since she was a little kid. The stuff she experiences are her having nightmares about a girl being abused and torched to death and waking up at 3:37 with the TVs on, the lights flashing, the curtains up, and a battery powered talking toy screaming I feel great! I feel great! - but only her 3 year old daughter could see the spirit. It was also a good book to read because my aunts friend knows Jodi. I've read it and I think it could make anyone a believe. so I would suggest reading it!

If you have experienced these types of things or if you think you might be haunted please comment!

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