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How you can, in one day, loss all that you have worked for in life.

Updated on December 6, 2012

Some people have worked so hard in life and made wealth/properties that should last them for a life time. Some of these people do not think anything can make them loss it especially as they continued to work hard in the struggle for survival. Yet, one can wake one day only to realize that all one has worked for is gone. This is usually the situation some people find themselves after some natural disasters like earth quakes, and hurricanes. We ask God why? not only because we do not understand why we must be the chosen victim but also why we must loss all that we have worked for in life.

It is because of situations such as this that some people go back to the bible injunction that warned us of the dangers of laying treasures here on earth where it can be eaten up and the importance of laying treasures in heaven where nothing can touch it. In as much as those that are spiritually minded will easily welcome the above command yet many people lay their treasures here on earth not only because they must start from the known to the unknown but also such treasures are requisite for their happiness and daily living here on earth. Therefore it becomes important in their survival.

The effects of natural disasters can be so damaging that one will need courage to move on. Some people have lost their homes, offices, and other properties in natural disasters. It follows that someone that once had a place he/she called home becomes homeless within the next 24 hours or less. This shows how fast we can loss all that we have acquired here on earth. Some people are currently homeless following floods as was witnessed in Nigeria, and hurricane Sandy as was witnessed in New York. These people, except for those that got the early warning, did not expect to loss all their properties in one day yet it happened and now they have to start all over again.

A friend of mine was a victim of hurricane sandy and I know it is not easy for her or others that lost their homes. Yet, I trust that the victims of disasters will find reasons to move in life having it in mind that what they have lost will either make them stronger or destroy them. Above all, what they have lost and its value to them will depend on where they really lay their treasure and their hope. Therefore, in as much as we can loss all that we have ever worked for in one day yet some people may never really loss any thing because they lay their treasure where no man or anything can destroy it and that is their strength.


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