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Is The Paranormal Activity In Ghost Adventures Real?

Updated on April 19, 2015

Ghosts And Paranormal Activity

There are many stories about ghosts and people who have encountered them seem to agree on one thing; ghosts are real and do exist. This is quite different from the paranormal activity in ghost adventures. Paranormal stems from paranoia which is s very creative state of the mind. People who suffer from this mental state are labeled abnormal which is a bad perception.
Positive visualization of a paranoid mind can constructively create blurred vision or pictures of objects that can be used as characters in paranormal adventures. The level of creativity determines the outcome of the adventure.

Soul, Spirit or Ghost: What Are You?

How do you define your existence? The flesh holds you together making you part of who you are. Once you have the soul, you are a person but once the soul disappears, then what is left become a body. When your soul comes back you are termed as living dead and the form you take can be physical and that's a ghost, if you are invisible, its your spirit.

How To Treat A Ghost

Ghosts on the other hand appear to different people differently. People tend to assume ghosts are meant to scare them which is not always the truth. Understanding them can be a source of joy but their looks might be scary leading to distrust. Ghosts are like strangers; it takes time for you to trust a stranger and so are ghosts.
The human mistrust of ghosts has assigned them to specific places where they should be seen; these are the haunted locations. Unfortunately, ghosts can appear anywhere and anytime.

Difference Between Ghosts And Spirits

Ghosts are visible and can communicate with human beings. Spirits are invisible and you can tell their presence by their activities. There are evil spirits and good spirits which many religious tend to address. Whether there bad or good ghosts depends on individual encounters. Ghosts unlike spirits take different physical forms but you cannot touch them but can walk through their images without hurting them.

Are There Good Ghosts and Bad Ghosts

Man has created ghost adventures depicting darkness surrounding their activities yet they appear early in the evening, at night and early in the morning. Once you encounter a ghost and ignore it, it will keep coming back. When you recognize it, it comes back and tries to communicate with you.

Spirits Versus Ghosts

As much as there is a spiritual world out there, ghosts live with us and have a physical description and character. It is this physical aspect that paranormal adventure are based on. There are many ghost pictures online. Whether these are real or imaginary, that's a different story. My encounter with ghosts tells me that these almost resemble almost what have met. Like human beings, ghost have different looks and I never met twins.


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