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If Dogs don't have "Souls"... what makes their Demise so Painful?

Updated on December 4, 2017

Man’s best friend

When we lose our pets, it can be a heartbreaking experience. That's because we see them as our friend. Some will even call them family. When we're lonely, they make up that extra space in our life. We could treat them anyway good or bad ... they won't judge you. When someone upset or hurts us, usually that ball of fur will pout & most times display comfort. Our pets listen when we speak … even if it's harshly. It seems no matter what we put them through they respond back with love.

Look Much Closer

No. Dogs don't have souls, but neither does Father God. He has a "Spirit" just like our pets. So it seems ... dogs are similar to God. We become angry and say harsh things to him as well. Even play the blame game from time to time. But, as always he accepts us back in open arms. Never judging & always showing us mercy. True enough just like our pets ... if we kick Father God, he might just fight back. Assuring us he's alive ... same as our pets. No matter what the situation, he's there for us. Revealing much love, his forgiveness and always trust.

So what are you saying?

Think about it? When Jesus Christ died on the Cross. That thought along is painful for most Christians. But what do you think Father God felt? My guess. Like he lost his best friend. After all ... he does keep him, at his right side now.

So what do I say, "Dog" spelled backwards ... could be displaying "God" in his Spirit. Hey, it's something worth thinking about.

Which do you think is better ?

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