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How to materialize bright ideas or anything what your heart desires

Updated on June 13, 2009

Everyone can materialize oneĀ“s ideas, wishes or life dreams... or anything else, positive or negative, because we are creating our own lives, by pure power of our thoughts and emotions. With positive emotions and attitude (love, joy, gratitude, happiness, self-confidence, peace-fullness etc) we support our positive thoughts, plans, ideas or dreams. Whatever we want to manifest into our lives, we need to wish, visualize for some time, feel positive about it and trust to the power of the Universe that opportunity for materialization will come, whenever is that appropriate to us. The principle is very simple, personally I have spent years for testing it, but it requires some inner self-discipline ( develop trust to that principle and want to think and feel positive). It is more than worth of trying it.

Here is my own experience: Whatever I really want to manifest into my life, whatever I think about for some time, it is starting to materialize. Personally, I am still surprised, because, power of human mind and feelings is much, much stronger and bigger then I ever thought it could be. And it is amazing: we are not helpless, we have all inner, endless power we need to create our lives on the way we dream about, no matter what our present conditions might be!!!

The short answer is: if you have bright ideas, trust in yourself, feel positive about it and regularly visualize materialization of it. When the time comes (you will just know when is that), first opportunity for manifestation wiil just appear through some other person, or you will get another bright idea how to realize your dreams.Whatever. It will be manifested, if you want.

(The book and movie which inspired me very much last few months, speaks and teaches about this subject, is ";Secret"; by Rhonda Bhyrne. It helped me a lot to manifest into my life some of my old dreams very quickly. I can recommend it for reading or watching to anyone who is interested to improve the style of life, make it happy, joyful and successful. (The movie has already been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live and the Ellen DeGeneres show). Here is also link to their sgr-program, where people can learn how to manifest abundance, they offer free e-mail lessons, which are full of very useful advices and are good inspiration: )

Thanks to the visualisation and positive thinking and emotions, what I practice for 12 years and teach others, my life is now what I wanted to be (It will be even better).So I can just say to everyone: dare to wish, dare to trust in yourself, dare to believe that everything you really want can be fulfilled. Just be optimist and patient...and love all this miraculous world.

I will write more about this subject on my blog, and wish you a lot of success and happiness... Tatjana-Mihaela


How to materialize our wishes and dreams /part 2


The materialisation of our positive wishes is basically very simple. At least in theory. In praxis, all of us need some time, to establish deep faith in ourselves, and habit of feeling well. And to convince ourselves that we deserve to be happy and fulfilled. But that is the process.

I like to imagine that I am a picture (multidimensional) which can be changed whenever I want to. Whatever I have learned, whatever my life-experience has been up till now, I can use to paint something new, more colorful and joyful. If I am happy and content, everyone I meet feels better. Being well and feeling love is such a powerful magic, which influences all my surrounding, all my friends, family, clients, neighbours... Very often I feel like in personal paradise, where everything nice is possible to achieve. And good things just start to materialize.

We are multidimensional beings, our mind can contact and change our attitude towards our past, present situation and future. When we change our attitude towards our past experience, we change focus and final result is like we changed our past completely. If we see our present situation in a positive way (whatever our conditions might be, is always many positivity in it, at least humoristic ones), we can more easily choose something new and much better, because there is no baggage of negative feelings or attitudes to be carried with. Just positivity, which pushes us forward and gives us wings to fly freely and easily.

I like to spend a lot of time in the nature, what I consider as essential for the state of well-being. Like to wander around, to learn the secrets of creation from clouds, rocks, woods, plants, birds, all other beings, because everything is alive, intelligent, everything what exist is part of us. Spending time in deep connection with forces of nature, gives one a lot of wisdom, inner strength and self-confidence, and great feeling of freedom and love and respect for all. With that qualities, the materialisation of our goals becomes really easy and very quickly.

I wish to all of you fulfillment of all your dreams, from all my heart.

Love and gratitude
Love and gratitude

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