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in pieces

Updated on June 3, 2011

…2 C Beyond…

Too often experience is a filter which blinds us to the moment. See what is rather than what we think it is

Nowhere is this more true than in the expressions of this thing we call personality.

Consider the artist whose every work resembles certain aspects of his own profile; or the musician who performs in mimicry of their former teacher; or the writer who utilizes key phrases close to her heart again and again.

The symbiosis which enables society to function properly is utterly dependent upon the confluence of numerous personalities; the unity of society would be impossible to achieve if it were not for the give and take of all these personalities. As we mature, we find that certain aspects of ourselves work better than others with the people around us, at least some people do. Some personality types attempt to force their conception of reality (as painted through the dual vision of their own experiences coupled with genetic propensities) onto the world around them. Sometimes this works, and their achievements mark a change in the world around them…

Other times, however, such a lack of distinction between what is real and what is felt to be real leads to the many expressions commonly known to be personality disorders.

As the digital sphere enables more and more people to express the truth of their inner selves without the balancing of the resultant immediate stimuli from the local society of which they are a physically a part, we will see more and more instances of what was previously considered to be psychological hindrance to the individual…but which should prove to be beneficial for the great expanse humanity is to become.

the routine of meters…

Considering the error of our interpretation of time, it is no surprise that the conceptualization of balance is most truly found over a series of moments as opposed to in one single piece. In the same manner in which an atom is composed of many parts working in contrast, and in concert simultaneously, so time expresses the truth of our lives: beautiful in the fragmentation of these moments, encapsulated in the first breath of dying eyes…

the Basics

It’s simple enough to encapsulate; take a basic idea, say a food product, then add sugar, and voila there you go – more people buy the product, and better yet, they continue to buy it. Simple, eh? But now, look around….an epidemic of diabetics rear their head across this great nation…and soon the entirety of the globe. Scary stuff, but hang on, it gets better: as food processors realize that a certain segment of the population is starting to make their purchases with their brains rather than with their tongues, they repackage and rename older, known carcinogenic sugar substitutes and put them in almost everything which does not already contain sugar (and by this, I mean processed sugars, not naturally occurring ones– have you looked at juices lately? or crackers, bread, ramen noodles, etc….). A dramatic increase in childhood obesity and a significant drop in the immune systems of many of our fellow citizens occurs. Do we blame the manufacturers? Come on, it’s capitalism, they were just trying to make a buck, pay the bills, feed their own families, put the kids through college. We all have to take a long hard look in the mirror and start to purchase (again) with rationale before frugality. Necessity may seem to dictate otherwise (what with how cheap the sugar and sugar substitute laced foods are), but the reality of survival must take precedence as we establish the way the food business will run in the future through our purchasing habits today.

in a universe ripe with possibilities why limit ourselves?

the growth of potential

the seeds of dearkness feed the fruits of creativity

the mere lack of light represents nothing except potential, at least from a human perspective; considering the fact (?) that the universe is mainly composed of that which we concede as darkness…

fractured light…

the entirety of human perception is composed of our personal interpretations of fractured light; the play of colors upon our fingertips, the shine lingering upon a distant peak, the spray of bubbles at the edge of a wave – the many tantalizing ways reality sings to us, expressed through our desire for unity, the completeness of magic of faith of hope…where we are able to see all exactly as it is rather than through our limited time scope

as the moon cast

through the light in our eyes

trembling anxiety

shakes of emotion

desires feed deep

the flow of emotion

as our lips speak

of loves cascade into hope

fear not, for what you know is as it would seem to speak in the night

the voice of an angel whispers in your ear

silence is hope

silence is speech

as written concedes to passion

we all love

as we attempt to perceive

that which we can not see

through the application

of senses meager

in the dark light of eternity

the myth unknown

as intolerance of other faiths grow on all sides (for humanity is a fine gem, connected with many facets composed of light, dark, and every variance in between, seen and unseen), the parallels to the atrocities of the past escalate – the turning come around again, as the madness of denial corrupts the many gifts we all share; & as the hate mongers feed lies to those tempted to believe that the solution exists beyond ourselves, the one litany called out true: “business as usual”

go through (using) a variety of mathematical expressions to find the one(s) most representative of each individual’s logic; some minds find solutions through feeling around the whole of a problem, whereas others drive straight through….each person’s logic is individual, unique, yet capable of expression

the amazing thing about nature is that she never gives up nor does she rest on her laurels. Without the need for faith, definitions, benefits, taxes, rules, lines, terms, understanding, debates, opinions, civilization, or even the individual, she thrives on and on. Those of us (and many we are,) who mold, take the temporary and fool ourselves into believing we make it a permanence, unintentionally become part of this motion, both in the creation and in the observation, for through every aspect of change we all contribute, encapsulating the moments we treasure (whether as cherished or in fear), collecting the pieces until, for a time, we seem solid; then with a breath, a gust of cold wind blows through us, we are airborne again, pieces perhaps to make another whole. Foolish, playful monkeys that we are, we’ve forgotten the most important rule…

there’s music, there’s dance, tragedy, comedy, and romance…all of the pieces that make this just that, just a story

break through the frozen wastes of apathy

beyond this darkness sings a light

a melody of transcendence

sweet in ecstasy

a paradise litany

the grace of lips

cast of angel wings shadow

long lines of delight

pleasuring darkness strewn with ribbons white

songs ring through the day into the night

in this celestial heavens dance

we all cascade

ripples of moments treasured

slow sensual life

trembling at the edges

of distant time

ever more

in this forever song

beneath the ice



slow motions of desire

creeping demise of life

as deaths fire grows

borne as we ourselves

of life

(in the night)

dreams of darkness and (of) ice

fingers of night

dance slow sensation

ecstasy sweet

on skin of ivory

lingering scents of sweat

of rose

petals of skins promise unfold

as the pageant parade slips

lights rise

if we truly want 2 succeed in cyber warfare we must look to how our children approach social networking & apply this same approach to the battlefield; the past is gone, we must embrace the future through the actions of the moment

“…no such thing as this”

if you can believe, it becomes true


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