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Inspirational Snowfall

Updated on November 28, 2014

Some Thoughts About Snow

As my family and I were watching the blizzards one winter outside our house, we noticed that everything (and I mean everything!) was covered in glistening white, including the air. We could hardly see a few feet ahead of ourselves due to the rapid onslaught of precipitation. God sometimes teaches and reminds us of things in unique ways! I was seeing the snow in a different way than many I know, God helped me think through a few things that I wanted to share with anyone who may want to contemplate them with me.

All photos taken by me, JoyfulPamela!

Blizzard 2010
Blizzard 2010

That's a lot of snow!

I love the snow, but after two blizzards within 4 days of each other with a total of four feet of the fluffy stuff and several homebound days, many were complaining about how "inconvenient" and "frustrating" the snow had become.

Hhmm, turmoil amidst something so remarkably beautiful? Obviously, not everyone was viewing the snow as I had. I was looking upon it as God's amazing artwork, covering the world in a huge sheet of purely white snow - a snow that no one could avoid - no matter where they tried to go or turn - snow, snow, snow - everywhere.

I was reminded of snow in God's Word:

"Though your sins are like scarlet,

they shall be as white as snow;

though they are red as crimson,

they shall be like wool."

Isaiah 1:18

White as Snow!

I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and uplifted toward the One to Whom I strive to follow at seeing the long, thick, never-ending snow covering all within its spread. No field, rock, road, house, car, bush, tree, object was left uncovered - ALL was covered, ALL was protected by this mighty blanket of white. Even areas of the country which usually received little or no snow were being wrapped under that same shield of snow.

Layers of white, soft, powdery stuff - how could anything ever destroy this gift God had given? God had come and turned all the dirty, dried, grass clean and the brown empty trees full of covering.

Blanket of Snow

In the new morning following the storm, a crisp freshness filled the air. All was quiet, pure, and untouched. What did I see in this? I could see how God's layer of snow could represent his all powerful omniscient love. That snow covering tons of ground, no matter what the normal climate underneath was, reminded me that God's gift of Grace was covering a lot of people and their misgivings with whatever was underneath in their hearts originally. Everything was covered no matter how dry, brown, or plain it may have appeared before - it was beautiful now - just as all of God's children are loved with an immense love that is bigger and more special than anything else; a love that would cover the blemishes and mistakes to let one start anew with Christ!

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How Many?

I wondered how many snowflakes would make up a one foot cube of snow. Think about how many flakes that would be if you multiply that number times 4-5 feet of snow encompassing hundreds of miles down and across the east coast of the United States. I'm glad that number is uncountable like God's gift of forgiveness, because try as I might, I am still a sinner and need a fresh new covering every single day.

Sparkles in the Snow

A new day after the storm ~ the clouds did not cover the sky then. The full bright sun shone on all in its view. The snow's tiny crystals sparkled under that sun. As I took a panoramic view from my porch, those sparkles shone not only of the bright white, but of miniature rainbow colors appearing everywhere - on the ground, in the trees, on bushes, and on the mounds that appeared to be our vehicles. Absolutely breathtaking! How can something like this beauty not be created by a wonderful Creator God?

I could see those tiny sparkles as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ shining brightly due not to their own tiny individual beings, but due to God's creativity, generosity, and power under that almost blinding whiteness. Just as the snow sparkled under the light of the ever-glowing sun, Christians sparkle under the light of the ever-loving SON! Rainbows from the sun, a believer's blessing from the Son! Another reminder from God - rainbows are a symbol to us that He keeps His promises. (Genesis 7) He keeps those promises every day!

Preserve the Beauty

But I knew, unlike God's love which is everlasting, the snow would eventually melt away into seemingly nothing. I wanted to preserve a little of that warm special reminder of God's all encompassing love and began to take photographs of all within my view. I even brought along the camera to places we went all that first week or so in order to capture this beauty, this peace I felt at the remembrance that my sins were made clean by His grace!

Winter Snow Mousepad by Joyful_Songs

Winter Snow Canvas Bag by Joyful_Songs


Well, life goes on - children went back to their schools, people back to work - busy, busy, busy again. The roads cleared a little more each day, some by plowing, and some by melting. Many people were happy to be getting back to "normal" - whatever that is. Hhmm - I was enjoying having hubby work from home so he could be with us longer. I was enjoying cuddling with the children in a warm blanket with delicious hot cocoa after coming inside cold. I was enjoying not having to run around to all the places that "Taxi Driver Moms" have to drive their children constantly. I was enjoying the calmness everyone was having due to fewer activities outside of the house. I didn't want it to end like so many others did. "Can't wait until all this snow is gone!" they grumbled."Be happy to get back to normal," I heard them say. - Maybe I'm just strange or unique, but I didn't want it to go away.

Snowy Evergreens

Evergreens growing

under the snow,

Point to the sun

though cold winds blow.

Show me how

when I've fallen low,

To look to the Son,

when pushed by the foe.

Mountains of Snow

During the weeks that followed, I noticed that the white snow turned black and brown along the road, parking lots, and in busy places. I began to think. Where is that dirt and smog when the snow isn't there? Is it in the air where it is surrounding us but we don't see (although its presence is still there)? Is it on the ground, seeping into the plants, soil, and deep within their roots? Are we surrounded by that filth and not even aware of it?

What happened to the snow?

Filth ~ all around us? Yes, there is filth around us all the time. No, I'm not talking about the snow now. Some will disagree with me, but I think there are always things surrounding us that we don't want and don't even notice. It's hard to even read the newspaper or turn on the radio without hearing about it. What about television and movies? How about in our neighborhoods and even in our homes? Ouch, it hurts, doesn't it? Now, I am not saying that every media or place is horrible, because it is not. I'm just saying that things that we would rather avoid somehow sneak into our being - like the gas pollution that we breathe in our lungs and unwanted chemicals that sneaks into the ground roots. There is so much of it that we don't think about it; unfortunately, it is so common.

I don't want yucky stuff to seep inside of me when I'm not paying attention - or even when I am paying attention, but there is so much that it gets inside anyway because I give up or try to ignore it. I thought again for awhile - if I let my kids watch that program with violence will it just breeze over them, will it sink into their subconscious acting out in angry words and deeds, or will they know that there is something wrong with that violence going on and choose to seek entertainment elsewhere? Will they be able to determine what of this world is in God's plan and what is not? How do we know what is acceptable and not acceptable?

Our Guide to 'Clean' ~ The Bible

Well, just as the white snow helped to see the pollution and dirt that I didn't even think about being there before, God's Word, the Bible, lets us see the pollutants and sin around us, helping us to identify it. When we get to know God, He helps us to discern what to do even when things may be invisible to us otherwise. Here's something God gave that helps me decide. "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things - Philippians 4:8. If I have to say to myself, "No, that is not lovely, that is not true," then is it worth my time and effort? Is it something I want to partake in? ... How about you?

Many people are rightly concerned about our Earth and keeping it "green". When we see the ugly snow, we can't avoid it or deny it; we know it is there, feel bad about it, and want to do what we can to change it for the Earth's future. It's a good thing to look out for today while thinking about how our beliefs and actions will affect our tomorrows.

Shouldn't that be like our lives?

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable

- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy

- think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

Spring is coming!

Now a month later in March, most of the snow is melted (although much remains). It's still winter, but a little warmer each day. During the last few days the sun has been shining so bright and pretty. Even in the still cold air, I can feel its warmth on my face. The breeze carries a fresh, crisp smell that only comes in the springtime. The grass looks greener than before the blizzard. All that moisture slowing seeping into the ground must be having its effect on growing the foliage anew. If I look closely on the trees, I can see the tiniest, precious buds starting to develop. The determined daffodils that are always the first to arrive in my garden are trying to take a peek of the new year above the snow. I see the bright colors of the birds that are returning to their summer homes and hear their joyous songs as they create their nests to welcome their babies.

New Life!

I am so grateful for the new white snow, like the Father's gentle healing, that will come again for us. God is offering a clean white layer of Grace to everyone, sufficient to cover everything dirty, dry, or dead in its path. All we need to do is to turn to Him, believe in His Son, and do our best to follow His ways. He'll help us see the mistakes and work towards fixing them. When we get covered again by filthy things of the world, or become cold and lifeless like the winter, all that is needed is just to ask for forgiveness from our Creator and He will make us clean again like the fresh, pure white snow. He wants to bring new life to you like the spring!

God loves YOU, brothers and sisters. Will you search Him? He's not far away; he's right there beside you ~ waiting to take your hand.

Want to learn more about Him? A free online Bible may be found at Bible Gateway in over 30 translations and several languages. You may search a passage by verse, keyword, or topic. You will also find free reading plans, devotions, learning resources, and even audio Bibles in which to listen.

Inspirational Snowmen by Thomas Kinkade

Wash me,

and I will be

whiter than snow!

Psalm 51:7

Snowman Creator
Snowman Creator

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