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Is it Really Possible to Bend Spoons Just Using Your Mind?

Updated on February 7, 2010

Uri Geller claims he can bend spoons and stop watches using only his thoughts. Others claim to be able to make pencils roll across a table by a mere act of will.

Well, Can It Be Done?

Well, spoons have been bent by people claiming telekinetic powers. However, you can also bend spoons by a number of conventional means too. The problem comes in that both sides then take up their entrenched positions and just yell at each other. Very dull. Very tedious and very unscientific.

The issue comes down to this: just because you have shown that a spoon can be bent in one way, have you categorically proven that all spoon bending occurs for that reason and no other and have you shown that there could be no other way of doing it?

Any half decent scientist will honestly answer that question with a No. But that does not mean that telekinesis is ever the answer in any case of spoon bending because they too have not ruled out other possible explanations

It comes down to this: there is evidence of unusual spoon bending but it is not very strong evidence

My Opinion

My opinion is simple: people may indeed be able to bend spoons using only their minds - but so what?

So what?

Spoon bending has no real value. It is just a parlour trick. To get all excited or all angry over such a trivial ability seems pointless to me. If that is all telekinesis can do, well whoopee-do. I mean it is not even as if it is useful to do your job. "Hi, what do you do for a living?" "Oh I bend spoons. Its a growth industry - plenty of job opportunities".

If that is all telekinesis can do, fair enough. I would place it alongside Sudoku and the Rubick's Cube as something amusing that some people like to do

If it can do more, then please do more. The world needs all the help we can get.


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