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Eclipse: A Spiritual Interpretation of the Movie

Updated on July 27, 2015
Beth Buckley profile image

Beth has a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and currently helps others through the body mind connection at Whole Body Synchroflow.

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Before I tell you about this lens I must admit that I was very excited about going to see it at the movie theatres almost the same day it was released. I showed up for the 9:45 am showing on Friday July 2nd and the movie theatre was almost full. There were women of every age and background as well as guys. I'd say the split was 60/40 women/men, which is a different crowd than when I saw the first two Twilight movies.

The movie was quite different, also. It was much lighter but at the same time more complex. Edward and Bella's characters are more mature, however, Jacob continues the youthful fight for Bella's love. I found myself laughing out loud more than once as both Edward and Jacob have a sense of humor in the third Twilight movie. And what about Edward's hair? Did you notice that the color is much lighter in this movie to align with his character shift?

In my opinion, Eclipse is both a fun and wonderful ride. Not only is it full of young love, but it also features betrayal, revenge and loyalty. The battle scenes are full of spectacular images of giant werewolves and vampires clashing. The movie leaves you wanting more...

This latest article on the Twilight movie Eclipse is full of quotes from the movie and my special interpretations. Do you like to understand the deeper meaning behind the words like I do? Then read on for lots of enjoyment. And please remember to rate, comment and favorite!

~ Copright Protection ~
~ Copright Protection ~

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without the express written permission of the author.

Bella and Edward
Bella and Edward


"I have an English final. I have to focus."

Bella says this to Edward while he is asking her to marry him and she is trying to study. They have had this conversation before and Bella feels it is not fair that he change her into a vampire before the wedding. She is attempting to focus, however, the conversation is distracting and she is frustrated.

Many times in life we are distracted from walking our true path by the choices we make. If we want to clear our minds to improve our ability to focus on our goal then we must first be able to see the bigger picture and remove the things that cloud our vision. These things are varied and specific to each individual. Even the best meaning friend can become between our goals if we let them. If you want to become more spiritual then first take a look at the choices you are making and the things that cause you to become distracted.

Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen

Inner Guidance

"You're worried about what other people think."

This comment is made in the same conversation in which Bella is distracted. She feels that Edward wants to marry her before her transformation into a vampire because he is worried about outer appearances and not considering her feelings on the subject.

It is always the best plan to follow your inner guidance. Even Edward the vampire has inner guidance, however, as a result of some of the choices he makes it is obvious that he is not following it. When we worry about what other people think and act accordingly, we set ourselves up for unhappiness in the long run because we have to live with our choices.

Bella and her dad
Bella and her dad


"I just want some separation. I will unground you if you spend some time with your new friends."

Bella's dad, Charlie Swan, tells this to Bella in the beginning of the movie. He realizes he is unable to force Bella to stop seeing Edward so he attempts to manipulate her decision making.

Often times in life we are unhappy with the choices our loved ones or friends are making. Instead of attempting to control them or manipulate them, however, we should love them unconditionally and understand that they are walking their own spiritual path, despite appearances. When we feel burdened in relation to another person who we want to control then we will find relief by surrendering to the situation.

Bella speaking with Edward
Bella speaking with Edward

A Loving Friendship

"I have until graduation to see him and then I'll be one of you and he will hate me forever."

Bella tells this to Edward before going to spend time with Jacob. She fears that once she is a vampire Jacob will not be her friend any more. And she has until graduation because afterwards she will marry Edward and make the transformation into a vampire.

One thing about life on this planet is that everything changes and nothing remains the same. The deep bond of friendship between two people can remain intact if both individuals are willing to grow through changes. Many times the strength of friendship increases between two people when they experience challenges to their loving communion.

edward Cullen
edward Cullen


"The way he watches you. It is like he is willing to step in front of a bullet for you or something."

Edward travels with Bella so that she can visit with her mom prior to graduation. He secretly does this to get her out of town because Alice has a vision that Victoria returns for revenge. This comment is revealed while Bella and her mom relax and share time together.

There is no doubt about Edward's love for Bella and his need to protect her from the darkness that he has experienced in his very long life as a vampire. Edward acts as an earthly incarnation of one of Bella's spirit guides. Everyone has spirit guides that are with them 24/7. Not only do your guides provide reassurance, spiritual messages, answers to questions and unconditional love, but they also provide protection as they guide us each day.

trusting bella
trusting bella


"Edward you have to trust me." "I do trust you. It's him I don't trust."

In order to assure victory against the newly forming army of vampires out for revenge against the Cullens, a temporary truce is made between the vampires and werewolves. By doing this both Edward and Jacob are happy because the chances of Bella being safe improve immensely. This conversation happens before Bella leaves on the back of Jacob's motorcycle to spend some time with him and the werewolves.

Edward senses Jacob's ulterior motives and his trust for Bella is challenged. This could happen to anyone. If you are finding it difficult to trust a friend then it is important to remember your Divine connection. Trust in yourself and your positive life path and know that no matter what happens in the end all is well.

Jacob talks with Bella
Jacob talks with Bella

Self Respect

"...when you see her everything changes. You would do anything, be anything for her."

While Bella is visiting with Jacob and the werewolves, Jacob discusses the relationship between Sam and Emily. He calls it imprinting and offers this quote as explanation. He is also describing his desperate feelings for Bella, which Bella subconsciously knows.

New love often times seems like a roller coaster ride, with intense thoughts and feelings for the other person. To find balance in this situation one much remember that he or she is at all times grounded with love from the Universe. Once this self love and respect is activated then he or she will find it easier to be immersed in the tides of young love.

Jacob is upset with Bella
Jacob is upset with Bella


"They're not even alive, Bella. You're better dead than one of them."

Jacob is very distraught when Bella tells him that she will be transformed into a vampire after graduation. He is disappointed and hurt and says these words from a place of anger and resentment. The long war between werewolves and vampires surfaces at this time and causes emotional pain for both Jacob and Bella.

When things appear to be going very badly for you, it is easy to give into negative feelings and to project them onto the situation. The spiritual path, however, calls you to understand what is going on from a deeper perspective. Your Divine Self asks you to remember that your incarnation on Planet Earth is going just as planned and that you asked for specific challenges along the way so that you will reconnect with your Spirit. This enables you to feel unconditional love, hope and prosperity for All.

Edward is jealous
Edward is jealous


"Doesn't he even own a shirt?"

After the alliance is formed between the vampires and the werewolves, Edward is faced with allowing Bella to spend a lot of time with Jacob so that she may be protected at all times. He feels jealous of the situation and knows he can do nothing about it because Bella's safety is most important. This is a humorous scene in the movie as Edward and Jacob butt heads around Bella.

Just as Edward feels jealous because of his own lack of confidence in the situation, so can we project and blame. When we see a characteristic that we do not like in another person it is easy to feel dislike, anger or disgust. The important thing to remember is that whenever this happens we are really noticing a trait within ourselves that we are unhappy about. So the next time this happens to you, recognize within yourself what you would like to improve and replace the negativity with feelings of confidence, strength and self love.

the wolf clan
the wolf clan


"The third wife was no special being. She had no special powers but one, courage."

As Bella spends more time with Jacob and the werewolves, she goes to a tribal meeting to hear the beginning of the war between the clans. The first vampire to find the werewolves and kill them was destroyed. Then his wife came for revenge and was finally killed when the third wife, who was not a werewolf, sacrificed herself and distracted the vampire so that the werewolf could win the battle.

Bella is feeling helpless in this movie as she is not a vampire nor a werewolf. This story reminds her that she is special anyway. Each and every one of us is a Divine Being whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Once we have the courage to say yes to our spiritual path then we reap the rewards of unfathomable joys from living in the moment.

Edward loves Bella
Edward loves Bella

Selfless Acts

"To risk your soul just for the sake of not losing you. That is the most selfish thing I will ever do."

Edward's heart is torn by his love for Bella. On one hand, he wants to save her soul by not turning her into a vampire, and on the other, he cannot stand the thought of losing her if he does not commit this act. He has already decided that he will turn her, however, he feels that it is a selfish act because Bella does not understand the consequences.

Edward is misled by his false beliefs about vampires. He believes that all vampires are lost souls as they are created to feed on humans. If he can understand that his soul is sacred then he can realize that changing Bella is the most selfless act he can perform. The never ending life of vampires parallels the human path toward enlightenment as the Eternal All.

Jacob loves Bella
Jacob loves Bella


"You need to know the truth, Bella. You need to know that I am in love with you and I want you to choose me."

Jacob understands that he has nothing to lose so he finds the courage to tell Bella the truth about his feelings. He feels he is imprinted on Bella and wants her to be with him instead of Edward. Bella does not share his enthusiasm, however, and the forced kiss that follows makes her angry enough to hit him.

The ultimate truth is that we are Divine Beings and that we choose to be here on Earth so that we may learn lessons and evolve spiritually. While we are here we have a close relationship with our emotions. All emotions that do not feel good are an indication that we have temporarily stepped out of the stream of light from the Universe. The goal is to recognize when we stray from our spiritual, loving path and to make the energetic adjustments to return, renewing feelings of joy and happiness.


Free Will

"This is the time to make mistakes. Change your mind and change it again because nothing is permanent."

Lauren says this when she gives a speech at the high school graduation ceremony. Bella feels this is the perfect quote for her because she is realizing the love she has for Jacob is real. It is pulling at her heartstrings while she continues to commit to Edward.

As we are incarnated to learn life lessons so that we may evolve on our spiritual path, we also have free will. This freedom of choice can at times be challenging if we are uncertain. The key is to keep in close contact with our Divine Self, spirit guides, angels, power animals, light beings, etc. so that we may feel confident in our decisions.

jake and bella
jake and bella


"I'm sorry about the kiss and about your hand. I'd blame it on the whole inner animal thing but it was just me being an ass."

After Jacob forces Bella to kiss him and she hits him in the face, she injures her hand. He realizes his mistake and when he has the opportunity to apologize, he does. He uses humor to lighten the discussion and Bella easily forgives him.

When we make choices that we later realize were not along our Divine Paths, our next step is to forgive ourselves and anything or anyone else involved in the situation. If we blanket the entire situation in love then the return to a harmonious relationship is rapid.



"I thought what we had was love, but I was her puppet."

Jasper instructs both the vampires and the werewolves how to fight with newborn vampires. He tells his story to Bella, explaining that he was found by a vampire named Maria and changed while he was in Texas in the Confederate States Army in 1861. While he believed she loved him at first, he eventually realized that she was only using him to train and then dispose of newborns in a clan war.

Jasper moved on to find a loving relationship with Alice. While he was hurt by Maria, he healed from the wounds and recognized the real thing when it happened. It is common to feel hurt and untrusting at the end of a relationship, however, if we truly seek a loving relationship then remaining unhealed will only draw more of the same lessons to ourselves. Once we heal ourselves from within then we are able to not only give ourselves unconditional love but also give this to others, manifesting into reality our dreams.

Jake talking to Edward
Jake talking to Edward


"Bella, you should be happy. Look at us, we're working together."

Once the alliance is formed between the werewolves and the vampires, Bella feels the animosity between Edward and Jacob rising. She is happy about the two groups working together, however, she does not like being in the middle of Edward and Jacob's affections. Jacob reminds Bella that she wants them to be friends, and he also pokes her because they are as yet anything but friends.

Bella is faced in this scene with a manifestation of her thoughts. While she does want Edward and Jacob to be working together, she accidentally manifested an ugly situation for this to occur. As we evolve to higher spiritual levels it is imperative that we stay in continuous communication with our intuition so that we may manifest positive experiences and life lessons. When we stay like this in close contact we do not need to produce giant disasters to learn our lessons.

the battle
the battle


"Some of you are going to get hurt. Some of you will get killed all because of me."

Bella watches the vampires and werewolves under the training of Jasper. As she does this she realizes the seriousness of the life or death battle that is about to take place and feels guilty as if the whole situation is her fault. She is unhappy about the situation and voices it.

When we incarnate into our lifetimes on Mother Earth, we often share the experience with souls who have agreed to suffer for our own enlightenment. It may be a family member who has a disease or a pet who is killed suddenly. Whatever the situation, it is important to allow the grieving process and then to forgive and move forward, understanding the brevity of life and the importance of unconditional love and joy. What use is our life if we waste it living in the past? Acknowledge your Divine Self and your connection to All That Is while you bravely move forward, dispersing love and improving life on our planet.

What Is Your Opinion?

Eclipse movie poster
Eclipse movie poster

Do you think Eclipse is a spiritual movie?

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the kiss
the kiss


"It seems only fair that I be represented as well."

Jacob gives Bella a graduation gift. It is a bracelet with a wolf pendant that he hand carved out of wood. Edward later gives Bella a bracelet, too, and makes this humorous remark. His is a clear crystal heart pendant bracelet. While Bella does not want a gift from Edward, he gives her one anyway, knowing that she will love it and be reminded of him when she wears it.

When we are born and very young, we are still connected to the spirit world because we are fresh from the light and also because we have not formed false belief systems yet. Babies have incredible freedom in this way and they have not forgotten the Divine within themselves. As most of us grow up, however, this changes. We begin to forget our true nature and our Soul's Path. If this is you then there is no better time than Now to begin remembering. Anyone can do it!

bella wants more
bella wants more


"It's just one rule I want to leave unbroken."

Bella decides that she wants to experience a sexual relationship with Edward before she is changed into a vampire. She feels very strongly about this, but Edward is not in agreement. He is from a time long ago where these activities were forbidden before matrimony, and explains this to her by making this statement.

Marriage is a human law; it is not Divine in origin. Man creates many laws so that we must submit or be prosecuted. This can produce fear in even the most law abiding person. The spiritually oriented person, on the other hand, does not need to have these laws in place because he or she automatically acts from unconditional love and union with high dimensional frequencies.

Jake defends his body temp
Jake defends his body temp


"Let's face it, I'm hotter than you."

Before the battle takes place, Jacob carries Bella to a high elevation camp so that she may be safe and her scent will not be detected by the vampires. Edward joins them and a snow storm ensues. After Jacob cannot stand to hear Bella's teeth chattering any longer, he enters the tent, snuggles close to her to warm her up, and makes this funny stabbing statement at Edward.

Everyone has specific talents in their lifetimes, and it is important to realize that we benefit as a whole when those who are best at a given topic are the ones who perform it. Edward, being a cold blooded vampire, is unable to warm Bella and allows Jacob to take over the task. In his stepping aside, everyone wins and Bella is safe. In life, it is important to identify what you love to do so that you may become good at it and enjoy the rewards of flowing in your Divine Life Path.

Bella and Edward
Bella and Edward


"I'm not going to force her into anything ever again. The last time I tried I almost lost her."

After Bella goes to sleep, Jacob and Edward have a conversation about her. Jacob knows that Bella loves him, although she will not admit it. When he asks Edward what will happen if Bella chooses him instead, Edward gives this reply. He remembers what happened when he left her alone and will not repeat his mistake again.

When we feel forced to be in a situation and we are unhappy about it then many times the best thing to do is to surrender and to pray for inspiration. If the decision is not ours to make then we must release all negativity so that we remain objective and loving. When we pray for the best possible solution then we feel reassurance from our higher Self and the situation appears in a new, calm perspective.

Edward to Jake
Edward to Jake


"If you weren't trying to take the only thing that makes me want to live then we could be friends."

While Bella sleeps, Jake and Edward talk. It the most open conversation they have had together and Edward says this to Jacob in a humorous way. They realize that they actually have something in common, the safety of Bella, and they form sort of a truce during this time.

Enemies are not real. Someone may not be at your current frequency level and it can seem that you have nothing in common. But in a broad sense you do have something in common with anyone because you would not have come together without a reason. There is meaning in all life circumstances, including the people who rub us the wrong way. It may be a lesson we have to learn or simply a reminder to stay true to our spiritual life path. Whatever the reason, when we realize this similarity then we are able to form an alliance for a common goal with even the seemingly most odd friendships.

jacob and bella kiss
jacob and bella kiss


"Jacob kiss me. I'm asking you to kiss me."

Jacob hears Bella and Edward talking about their engagement and becomes irate. Bella realizes that Edward was manipulating the situation by allowing Jacob to overhear their conversation. Jacob threatens to leave for battle and Bella desperately attempts to keep him with her because she does not want him to be injured. She realizes that the only thing that will keep him with her is if she asks him to kiss her, so she does. Jacob still leaves for battle, but he does so with the confidence that Bella does love him.

If we are faced with a difficult situation and we feel resistance then we need to positively shift our energy. Sometimes to do this simply requires the willingness to participate to the best of our abilities. When we become willing to assist, the negative resistive energy is lifted and we are able to manifest our true desires.

Edward and Bella
Edward and Bella


"Did you see?" "No, but Jake was thinking quite loudly."

After the kiss, Bella worries that Edward saw what happened between her and Jacob. She forgets that Edward can read minds and does not have to witness an event to know it has occurred. He reads Jacob's mind easily when the kiss happens.

By tapping into the Greater Consciousness, we access incredible amounts of information that is helpful on our life paths. To do this we must learn to quiet the mind from it's constant chatter and to listen within. When we do we are able to channel Divine guidance and unconditional love.

the eclipse movie
the eclipse movie


"You want me to feel the pain you felt when I tore James to pieces."

While the battle ensues, Victoria and her newborn, Riley, pick up Edward's scent and find Bella and Edward at the snowy camp. Jacob returns to battle Riley and Victoria almost leaves cowardly until Edward provokes her to fight him by using these words. The reason she wants to kill Bella is revenge for her love, James, who was killed by the Cullens.

When another person suffers pain, we want to help them. By offering understanding of the person's situation we provide them with healing through our empathy. Empathy, however, does not mean that we become negative about their situation. When we feel the injustice of the situation, we add negative energy to it and make it worse. We can help them by remaining detached and sending unconditional love and support to them.

Cullen family
Cullen family

Family of Light

"I've never seen a coven escape an army of this magnitude intact."

The Cullens and the werewolves successfully defeat the newborn army that attacks them. Afterwards, they are visited by the Volturi, the police of the vampires. Jane, the petite blonde who can create immense physical pain on another vampire with mind control, makes this comment when she finds the entire Cullen Coven unhurt by the battle.

The spiritual warrior realizes that there are dark entities which might or might not be incarnated into physical form. Darkness can reside in any individual's thoughts and intentions as well. When this becomes known, it is key to remember that as Light Makers we are part of a much larger Family of Light. At any time we can call on spiritual assistance and protection from dark forces and know that All Is Well. One Being of Light dispels the darkness of a million.

jacob waits for bellla
jacob waits for bellla


"I'll need some time but I'll always be waiting." "Until my heart stops beating." "Maybe even then."

Jacob is injured in the battle by a newborn vampire who squeezes his ribs and spine, breaking them. Carlisle doctors Jacob by re-breaking the bones before his supernatural healing occurs. Right after, while Jacob is medicated, Bella visits and tells him that she will be marrying Edward as planned. When asked if she should come back to see him, Jacob says this quote and reveals the intensity of his feelings for her.

If you are not the best at waiting then you will have as many lessons as needed in order to learn patience. In order to be patient when you are feeling the need to rush, take a moment to breathe deeply, close your eyes if you are able and connect with your Divine Self. Put your brain on pause for only a few seconds to feel this connection. As you release your negative energy around the situation you will find it easy to be patient.

bella in eclipse
bella in eclipse


"This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob. It was a choice between who I was and who I am... I've had to experience death, loss and pain in your world but I've also never felt more strong and alive in your world because it's my world too."

Bella matures and grows in this movie. She learns about herself and tells Edward about it in this quote. She faces challenges with strength and power now instead of with the fear and uncertainty she felt in the previous Twilight movies. Even though she feels different from most people, she is fine with it.

By going within, Bella understands her life path and accepts herself. Too many people are walking around unaware of their own greater consciousness and connection to All. As Light Makers, we realize that we are not the norm and we accept this fact as we continue to share our light unconditionally. Yes, we will face many challenges, and at the same time we will experience spiritual growth beyond our wildest dreams. With this realization, we are enlightened.

"I want to do it right and tie myself to you in every way humanely possible," says Bella to Edward at the end of Eclipse.

What do you think Bella is really saying here?

Please give us your ideas and thanks for sharing!

How did you like this lens? Please give your feedback and share your favorite lenses.


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