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Updated on March 8, 2014

It will comes back to you

It just came to my mind... the most common thing that we all do in our daily lives... Replacing toilet paper.


You did not read wrongly at all. Replacing toilet paper! What does it got to do with karma?!

The law of karma

Simple definition of karma: this Universal Law states nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Law. Every action has its reaction or consequence and we "reap what we have sown."

The result of a person's action causes its reaction which means it is the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, whatever you do, it will comes back to you. Karma is not about punishment or reward. What you do is what you get and it is just a matter of time it comes back to you,

How it works?

How often you are the last to use up the toilet paper?

Do you always replace it?

Or do you just hope that maybe the next person will come and do the replacing for you?

Sometimes, I fall in that second scenario: hoping that someone in the family will come and clear the shit for you, oops. Well, it's human nature.. And this is where I meant karma comes into the picture. I always 'think' someone in the family will do this job for me.......

But turns out? It was always me who ended up in the toilet the next day with no toilet paper.

Maybe it is just simple things happening around us that always reflects in reality..... Karma. Looking back at real life story: a father who abused his child since he was young. Slowly, the little boy grew up, continued that cycle, abused his own child. And what happen to the father? His son left him.

Get the picture?

Sound similar like the toilet paper scenario? It's like a viscous cycle. What's goes around, comes around.

We are what we do

Things that we often do, and yet we don't know it has been telling us 'We are what we do'. Maybe our subconscious mind just choose to ignore it. In the end, whatever we do, it always comes back to you despite whether is it a small little thing or ........

Always do good deed. Say good words. Think good thoughts. Remember karma, whatever goes around, comes around.

How Karma works

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    • profile image

      plentyoftots 8 years ago from singapore

      Translation of the chinese verse:

      As one sows, so shall one reap. Every effect arises from a cause. Under certain conditions, a cause will come to an effect. This is a universal principle, on which Buddhist morality is based.

      Here's a verse.

      If you want to know the causes in your past life,

      The way you live at present is the effect of your past life.

      If you want to know what your future life will be,

      What you do at present is the cause of your future life.