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room at the inn

Updated on October 15, 2012

do you have a room

we all know the story of how Jesus was born. they were at Bethlehem and there was no room at the inn. so they took Refuge in a stable. it might not have been the best circumstance, but they did have shelter. do we give Jesus a place in our hearts? or do we send Him off to the stable? maybe a better question is, are we going to go to the shelter the Lord provides, and be thankful, even if its not exactly what we had in mind? there is more in the Bible about an inn. what about the man who was beside the road? the good samaritan poured oil and wine into his wounds and took him to the inn. He cared about the wounded. do we give hope and love to tje wounded? do we take them to the great physician. and give them a place of shelter in our churches? or do we say there is no room at the inn? The Lord said to a man, the birds have nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head. so the man took in Jesus and gave Him a room. Do we leave room for Jesus in our services? do we invite him into our homes? we all need shelter, places of refuge. Lets make sure amd make room in our hearts for Jesus


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