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Jewmongous: Unkosher Comedy Songs

Updated on January 23, 2015

Jewish songs that will have you rolling in laughter

Sean Altman, former member of Rockapella and songwriter extraordinaire, has reconnected with his JEWMONGOUS.

As Jewmongous, Sean Altman lays all his jewdiosyncrasies out there. He sings hilariously irreverent songs of the life and history of jews. Staring stereotypes square in the eye, Jewmongous brings over-the-top humor to his music with lyrics that will certainly make you laugh.

The Seattle Stranger called Jewmongous "The bastard love child Tenacious D and Fiddler on the Roof never had."


Jewmongous: Taller Than Jesus - MP3 Album

The "Taller Than Jesus" referenced in the album title and song refers to an alternative theory as to what The Beatles' John Lennon meant when he said that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Perhaps he meant that they were simply taller than Jesus, as it has been proved than the average height of people today is more than the average height of people then.

Taller Than Jesus
Taller Than Jesus

1. What the Hell Is Simchas Torah?

2. Intro: Today I Am a Man

3. Today I Am a Man

4. Be My Little Shabbos Goy

5. Christian Baby Blood

6. Intro: Jews for Jesus

7. Jews for Jesus

8. Blow, Murray, Blow!

9. Long Tongue Shloime

10. Another Inch

11. They Tried to Kill Us (We Survived, Let's Eat)

12. Taller Than Jesus

13. My Pact With Satan

14. Just Too Jew for You

15. I Wanna Be Sedated


Preview Songs from Jewmongous - And purchase songs as MP3s

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The songs on this album will have you laughing even when you try not to. The shocking lyrics will have you wondering just how far he's willing to go.

Sean Altman - Jewmongous
Sean Altman - Jewmongous

My Favorite Quotes

From the Lyrics of Jewmongous songs

Raise a glass and drink a toast to Christian baby blood.

What do Christians feed their babes to make it taste so good?

(Christian Baby Blood)

When something is too pricey you say "Sean, go Jew them down".

I'm sick and tired of telling you that "Jew" is just a noun.

(Just Too Jew For You)

And we knew how to resist,

'Cause we'd rented Schindler's List

Tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat!

(They Tried to Kill Us)

He could heal the sick and save your soul,

But he couldn't dunk a basketball.

(Taller Than Jesus)

Is Jewmongous Offensive?

Is Jewmongous Offensive to you?

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Joe Lieberman likes Jewmongous!

Joe Lieberman likes Jewmongous!
Joe Lieberman likes Jewmongous!


The group who revolutionized acapella music

Sean Altman used to be a member of Rockapella. You remember, right? He was the guy with the beads in his hair while they were on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. remember now, right?

More Music From Sean Altman


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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Count me in among the "I'm not Jewish, and I think it's offensive" camp. Religion and comedy just don't mix for me - it's SO easy to cross the line, and Sean's definitely done just that with this project. I've actually lost respect for the man... what a shame.

    • bechand profile image

      bechand 7 years ago

      This CD is Awesome - as is most everything that Sean puts out - and Rockapella - and Groove Barbers, and X-RP ! Sean just really Rocks ! (Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego ????)