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lecherous ghost

Updated on October 13, 2009

Colorado Resort

I worked for around thirteen years at a resort hotel in a small town in the mountains of Colorado (not the famous one on the eastern slope). The hotel had a certain...reputation for being haunted. Rumours abounded, both from the staff and the guests, about otherworldly presences making themselves known. I witnessed many things first hand myself, but the most striking occurred in 1997. It was early in the morning (back then folks dined later than they do now), around three a.m. I was in the kitchen, bright fluorescent lights illuminating the linoleum floor around me as I kneeled on the ground stuffing linens (tablecloths and napkins) into a black plastic trash bag in preparation to walking the 'dirties' to the laundry room in the basement when the hairs literally lifted up on the back of my neck. Now I've experienced and witnessed many strange things in life, but never had I actually suffered what so many writers attribute to being a symptom of the supernatural. I turned my head, slowly. There were a pair of feet less than ten inches from me. I lifted my eyes, the chill spreading from the back of my neck up and over my skull. There was a man standing right beside me dressed in a dark brown suit with a light beige shirt (kinda weird fashion it was). My eyes rose to his face. He looked down at me, a stern look on his visage and vanished. This all took place over the course of a few seconds. He'd seemed completely solid. I took off fast, chills running up and down my arms. The next thing I knew I was at the hotel's front desk. The night auditor, a woman named Jenny, jumped as soon as I came around the corner and started freaking out. Cold fingers had snapped her bra twice just moments before I'd gotten there - about the same time I'd seen the man in the back of the hotel.

Jenny and I did some research over the next week at the local library and found the man, at least his history. He'd been the restaurant manager in the late 1890's and along with being known as a strict, by the book boss was described as being a bit, lecherous. Several members of the staff, all ladies, had lodged numerous complaints to the hotel's management about this man's behaviour.

Prior to this incident I'd always figured ghost were remnants, emotional recording so to say, of a significant life experience the deceased had had. The man I saw had appeared completely solid, just like you and me. The thing was, he saw me. Ever since then I took a different approach to the supernatural. A bit more interactive.

First try here, so any & all pointers are appreciated/desired


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