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let us ask the fosills

Updated on December 23, 2010

Let us ask the fossils

I asked the question, “is it true that all human is selfish?” and I got an exciting cornucopia of answers which varied just as those that said it. The answers were given in an explanation which either answered yes or no.  On one side, some people believed that we are selfish because we are sinners. Some said that we are selfish to an extent. Yet, others seemed to say that all human is naturally selfish. Then on the other side, some people answered that we are not born selfish but that we learn to be selfish. Some people mentioned some notable men that had trade the earth with complete record of unselfishness. These answers seem to suggest that it depends on how we look at it. I had to ask the question because someone behaved selfishly and when asked, “Why are you selfish?”  He simply answered,” we are all selfish.” He used the answer to justify his action, which was an unreasonable and a selfish action.  I  was certain that some people would not behave in such a manner , if they were in his position, may be because they already  realize that it would be selfish of them to do that. Then again, some months later, some one else said all human are selfish. He used it to justify why corruption would continue to be part of Government of nations.  In as much as I am certain that most men are selfish but I wonder, if it means that men think, we cannot find an unselfish person. That is why I asked the question. Sin can be conflicting because there are some things which is a sin in a setting but the same thing would not be a sin in another setting, just as religious, and cultural ideas varies. Therefore it may be wrong to use sin to measure selfishness yet; there are some things which are generally believed to be wrong or a sin. But if we still think that all men is selfish, then let us ask the fossils. In the fossils we shall see men that died fighting for the freedom of others. In the fossils we shall men that fought to bring dependent to nations. In the fossils we shall see great men that gave up their joy for others. Men could be selfish but some men have proved that men can overcome selfishness. The fossils can confirm it, may be that is they own gift , to live above selfishness.



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