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Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth - Chinese Five Elements

Updated on January 15, 2011

Five Elements of Nature

Five Elements of Nature
Five Elements of Nature

Five Elements of Nature

Much of Chinese philosophy is built based on the five elements (called “Wu-xing” in Chinese) and their interaction with one another. The compatibility of the Chinese Astrology is also based on this theory. The five elements are associated with the major planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The composition of the five elements is obtained from the person’s birth time and place: year, month, day and time.

Metal Element Personality

Metal is the substance in which its internal particles are squeezed and condensed together. The force from the outside to the inside keeps this element very hard. It is shiny because metal reflects light. Metal may have a clear sound when you hit it. Therefore Metal people are said to have great strength and courage in whatever they do which may make them famous. Metal people are brave, authoritative, stubborn, determinative, resolute, firm and have an urge to win. They love to spread their fame.

People who lack of Metal tend to be cautious and nervous. They can spend their time thinking too much and cannot make quick decisions. On the other hand, people with excess of Metal tend to be unkind and destructive. They are too confident and brave but may have no intelligence. They are also merciless.

Earth Element Personality

Those who are categorized under Earth element people are trustful, responsible, loyal and steady. They are religious, honest, reliable and keep their promises. Just like the characteristics of the Earth which is standing still, stationary and being slow but steady. The Earth people don't change their mind or things frequently. They are slow to react but can sit in one position for a long time.

People who lack of Earth element are insincere and inresponsible. They tend to ignore other people’s opinions and often do not keep their promises. On the other hand, people with excess of Earth element are very stubborn, plain, simple and inflexible.

Fire Element Personality

People who born during the years conquered by Fire element are aggressive, full of energy, passionate and easily excitable. They love sensation, drama and sentiment. These people seek joy, gratification and love being the center of attention. Fire people hate loneliness and always spend their time with others.

People who lack of Fire have little confidence and have plenty of worries. They may still be aggressive but have no persistence. On the other hand, people with excess Fire will be restless, overheated, overexcited, overstated and talkative. They are also quick-tempered and may not have enough tolerance for people who are slow, less aggressive and dull.

Water Element Personality

Those born under the years conquered by Water element are smart, wise and resourceful. These people have good memory and will think before they leap. In Chinese astrology, there are two ypes of water: Still water and floating water. Still water makes people peaceful and calm while the floating water makes people restless and active and feel like travelling.

People who lack of water element in their chart will be narrow minded, unstable and impulsive. They lack intellect, understanding, foresight and good sense. These people also will keep changing their mind. On the other hand, people with excess of water are smart, tricky, sly and plot dark schemes. They love to travel or move around and have a sensual life. These individuals are likely to dream too much and have no interest in outside world affairs.

Wood Element Personality

Those who born in years dominated by the element of Wood are steady, sympathy-sharing, gentle and cooperative. They are productive and like to make donations and help people. The essence of Wood is a tree. The tree is always growing upward to the sky and compete with one another aggressively. The characteristics of the Wood makes these individuals practical, logical, organized, steadfast and hardworking. They plan things and take action, they love challenges and adventures. When their optimism and ambition is overwhelming, these people can become nervous, upset, impatient, intolerant, unstable, uptight and lose their humor by the frustration of many obstacles.

People who lack of Wood tend to be weak in their opinions. They are likely to be jealous when these people don't have a strong viewpoint of their own. They also lack the determination to change their options when situations change. On the other hand, people with excess of Wood will be inflexible, prejudices and biased. It is very unlikely for them to accept or absorb other people’s opinions.


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