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My Hello Hub

Updated on February 26, 2012

Sit back.
Close your eyes.
You are about to take the first step towards a long journey in search of yourself, and only you can make the map. Let your instincts guide you along your path. Being honest and open with yourself will light your way. Remember, there are no mistakes on the road to you – only lessons.

I came across these words while rifling through the paperwork of a life skills workshop during my second year clinical placement, working with frequently-called “at risk youth”, finding ways to motivate their hearts into expected self-sufficiency. It was a turning point in my own life, as it ironically turned out. Looking back now, I can even call it a starting point, even though I was already 30 years old.

This was also around the same time the house my then-young children and I lived in caught fire and destroyed almost everything we owned, all while we were in school. Five days after the fire, I encountered what I can only call a spiritual experience that spun me into a new and enlightened, yet unknown direction. For about a year following, while walking on metaphorical new legs, I was compelled to read several selected books, one being “The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and For Life” by Laurie B Jones. From this book, I learned to create my own mission statement. This simple sentence has stayed with me since 1997 and has yet changed. When it came time to create the mission statement for my business, I took my own statement and extended it. To this day, whenever I feel like I’m starting to stray and get lost—in life and in business -- I pull out this statement, read it out loud and I’m grounded.

To motivate, facilitate and educate individuals of their powers within, reminding them of who they are and guiding them, through options and opportunities, in discovering their natural paths.

And furthermore, out poured this set of beliefs I felt was the message I was to share with others in a variety of ways.

· Every individual has a life purpose.
· It is not up to anyone other than that individual to discover that purpose.
· It is the individual's right and personal choice to accept guidance into their life.
· This guidance offers support, information and options.
· Through a combination of insight, the acceptance of guidance and the freedom to make (own) decisions, a true purpose will be found.
· As a result of finding the purpose, an individual will become more enlightened, motivated, content and successful.

These too became like guidelines for me to follow as I began walking my path.

My business of 13 years is MINDZ 'N TRANSIT Consultation, Facilitation and 'In Words'. This is my path to 'In Words' -- the written form of what I've been teaching through consultation (with individuals) and facilitation (with groups) over the years. (more detail in my profile)


It is with this philosophy and experience that I now reach out my digital hand in greeting to the wonderful world of Hubpages. Hello fellow hubbers and surfers!

Through the years, I’ve heard many stories as a counsellor and facilitator, experienced many life events and challenges as a woman, and researched just as many matters as a human being curious of human nature. A pattern, like a song melody, has been subtly rising to the surface, peeking its head above the crowd of all behaviour and slowly increasing in volume and strength.

We are in a shift.

I have been both sitting back in observation and participating as a living creature playing a part of the life’s dance. The build up has been both exciting and mystifying. However, the most amazing part of it all thus far is it has been like the universe was watching the calendar. Almost to the day, as we entered the year 2012, I began to feel the change increase at different levels.

I started to read about this shift to happen with climax in 2012 the year after our house fire. During that time, in 1997, very few people were experiencing odd occurrences in their lives. Very few were opening to a new way of thinking and being. If I were to write about it and attempt to teach it back then, many would think I was a witch or better yet, crazy. I must admit, there are still a few out there who assume this of me, especially after hearing my life story, however in these days, I’m witnessing a critical mass of awakening. I am watching an abundance of eyes opening, mouths contorting in yawns, arms stretching out to stimulate a new level of bodily circulation, followed by a consequential look of confusion, “what the…?”

It’s an entering into a new world very much invited but very much unprepared, undeveloped, untrained. Nevertheless -- welcome to the year 2012!

Simply put, this shift I am referring to is a shift of consciousness; an awareness, ability and sense of permission to live life being true to ourselves and to others. If you check out the internet, it’s everywhere. From philosophers, to lightworkers, to scientists of different levels, the word that is being used is ascension. We are ascending into a new way of living.

And what a trip it’s turning out to be!!

From what I’ve experienced and have been witnessing, one of the first steps of this shift is the occurrence of the surfacing of old issues – events that happened in our early years that we think we’ve dealt with but only have successfully buried. We’ve then developed copying skills to keep them down. The events have played a part in molding us into whom we are. The ways of copying – holding the images, emotions and beliefs that have resulted from these events have also played a part. We are where we’ve been. It’s all served a purpose for us up to now. Now it’s time to let it all go.

Another necessary element may or may not be an adjustment, depending on how one has lived life this far. If you’ve always been, or have learned to be, emotionally aware and expressive in the different areas of your life, then this will be nothing new. With this shift it is critical to always pay attention to our emotions. Getting caught up in hate, anger, worry – yes, worry – resentment, fear and jealousy has always caused a level of consequences, however during these days, there is an upping the anti of consequences for us. Positive emotions such as appreciation, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, kindness, joy, ecstasy, happiness and excitement create reward in various forms. Now, I’m not saying to always maintain a good feeling no matter what is happening around you. I’m saying move through the negative ones and don’t get stuck in them.

Living in balance appears to be a significant focus these days. Doing for others without needing to do for others is the key. How are we to take charge of our own healing when we can’t focus our all-powerful energies inward to figure things out? If too many people are pulling at us – are expecting our attention – all our energy is being sent outwards and not enough inwards. We are neglecting and depriving ourselves of what we need most at this time. The trick is, to give ourselves permission to do this and feel comfortable with it.

Given this, I’m asking you to be patient with yourself and with others on this topic. Boundaries were not considered much during the growing years, certainly not emotional boundaries. I know, what are they?

Many of us have been raised with the well intended but not (helpful) guiding words, “Grow up!” “Stop being so silly and be more responsible!” “You are such a dreamer; You’re never going to get anywhere like that.” Although these were all said with good intentions, they cripple the creative side of us, the side that needs to be strengthened at this time. This is the part of us that holds our intuition

This is all, of course, easier said than done. Think about your age. We are talking about that many years’ de-programming, if you will. We’ve all be on autopilot for our age’s years. We now are responsible for finding out just what it is we are supposed to uncover, excavate, look in the face, understand, embrace and make a decision to keep or discard. Bet you’re out of breath just thinking about it. Maybe feeling the urge to turn and run for the hills? That’s ok. It’s normal, I would think, to look at all of this and cringe.

However, here’s the most important piece –

I am not about to tell you anything in my following hubs that you don’t already know. I am only about to remind you. You know all of it already. It’s all stored nice and neatly, yet now restlessly, in your subconscious. The real you is primed and ready to make the grand entrance. All you need to do is open up and let go.


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