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my tarot reader

Updated on December 7, 2010

one should approach everything with an open mind.  such statements have never had the desired effect on me.

I am skeptical by nature.  oh, please don’t shake your heads, its a good thing.  at least I try everything out once, even if it is to find some fault in it!


I was skeptical when I walked into my first reiki session, I was skeptical when I experienced energy healing, color therapy, aura reading, palmistry, astrology and even the magic of prayer.  I was a skeptic when I wrote my first affirmation and laughed my head off on my personal vision.  I stood in line to feed milk to Ganesha idols and then waited to see it trickle down to the pavement.  it didn't.


i have tested tarot cards, challenged linda goodman and told people they could be better human beings if they just crossed their 't's. (graphology for the one's who are wondering what the connect is).  I believe in destiny and yet make plans and spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what I could do to make things happen. 


so, now that you know, it will help you appreciate what I went through when I walked into Sunita's house.




i was so nervous.  I kept thinking what will come up in this reading?  there are a hundred windows to all that I call the universal light or mind and i was about to experience another.  only I am not sure everyone who claims to have access to these windows is truly truthful.


have you ever tried to get an answer from a book?  try this, ask a question, keep it in your mind and really ask.  ask with the intention that when you get the answer, you will thank the universe for the guidance you deserved.  open the book and read. that will be your answer.  I have done it and it works.  Every time!


yet, here I was, for a session of angel therapy.


nervous, skeptical, already thinking of what i would write about and in the quest of purity of my soul, i must confess how i will use it to brag. (notice all the stuff above.  its there to impress you!)


looking around (for clues into the psyche of the owner) i found a number of serene looking angles.  little (porcelain?) statues, figurines.  how does someone infuse life into stone?  anyway, that you are in the home of an angel therapy evangelist is apparent and though I am sure they serve a higher purpose than show, I am unaware of it at the moment.


Sunita walks in.  she is lanky, above average height and for the ones obsessed with good looking spiritual guides, quite pleasing to the eye.  she is dressed simply in a short kurta & slacks.  You cant miss the bandana.  again its there for a purpose, but as a fashion statement it just about rescues her.


its her eyes though that will remain in your consciousness for a long time.  they have a glaze, a very thin (fine) covering that seems to suggest they are protected.  protected from what, I begin to wonder as I shake her hand.  is it really a gift to be able to see what most others are too afraid to know or is it just that evolution (higher plane souls) choose physical attributes that could somehow bear the burden?


she smiles completely.  it is a welcoming smile, very different from the ones you would receive embarking a plane, but very similar to the one you would receive from a knowing aunt.  she is too young to be an aunt.


I will not detail the conversation or the pleasantries exchanged.  what you want to know is 'what is an angel reading?' so lets get to that.


I had only the word of my partner on what it is, but i did some secondary reading after experiencing it.  we all have guardian angels (mine are Rhubarb & Gurudev).  Most people have 2, some lucky ones have more.  I am a little stung that I have only 2, but I am told its not the number that matters.  the fact that you have guardian angles should be more than enough to keep you happy.  as you can see, contentment is an area i really need to work upon.


Angel readers/therapists/connectors/guides can connect with these angels and the ascended masters to get you messages that you may need at a particular moment in time.  not that these answers are not given to you on a daily basis.  they are.  some get them in numbers (of course if you are bad at math, i assume your angels will enjoy the process thoroughly!) some in words and some through other people.  it helps if you see the movie 'city of angels'.  for those of you, who find imagining something difficult, that movie should give you a lot of images to play with (meg ryan is super in it!)


so how does the process work?  in theory the reader/connector will get some visual images shown to him/her or may even get answers whispered to them, and they along with you, try and make sense of what that means. 


another variation is to use tarot/angel cards.  the cards all have some meanings and that is taken to represent what you need to know.


look at it this way.  you are teaching your child what the alphabet A means.  so you make the sound A a number of times, you show her the big card with A printed on it with a very very red apple and then maybe even give her an apple to re-inforce the learning. 


the masters need to do something similar, just that you are the child and trying to learn things a little more complicated that the letter A.


but the process does have a fair bit of turmoil.

Sunita holds on to something you would normally wear all the time (my kadda/bangle) and then for the first reading goes into a trance.  she connects with the light and is told/shown who I am, was and maybe will become.  she is introduced to my angels. 


why the word turmoil? because it assaults sunita's physical being.  she shakes all over, has her innards curled i am sure and is compelled to part with some of her physical self to reach the light.  as you look on, you will notice that the spasms are not controlled or contrived.  i tried to find a method to it.  i tried timing the lapses (maybe the universe has a big bad AC type current going on), i tried to see if the eyelids were moving (you can shake your head all you want, your eyelids are another matter altogether), i wanted to catch something phony in the performance.  I was there hoping to find something I could use to tell myself whatever she was about to tell was bullshit. 


I could not find anything.


while she was connecting I looked around the room.  its a special room, with a table & 3 chairs, a single bed, a bookshelf and not much more.  the sounds of OM reverberate in the background, and you will find very appealing artifacts lying around. a lot of angels too!


she starts to talk.  I am under strict instructions not to interrupt.  There is a pad & a pen on the table and I start to write.  for all the writer  I want to be, i barely take enough notes, just the key points and the rest betting on my memory.  Now, I suggest you take complete notes or outsource.  that's right.  I am lazy and my partner very graciously accepted the task of recording the details.  and there were plenty.


the moment she started to talk(recite?) i was taking deeper breaths.  the detail was fascinating, but the context, the context was exhilarating.  she had stopped shivering (convoluting?) and was now talking in a steady sage like voice, her head tilted to the right, lifting up just a tad.  every new image would make her squint her already closed eyes. 


as she spoke, she unravelled.


once i knew who i was, she began with the who i am meant to be.  that for me is one of the most powerful experiences one can ever hope for.  if you believe in the power of purpose, this is a powerful exercise.  the words will resonate with you.  at some moment you will feel you are telling her what to say coz you want to hear it from someone else, somewhere you might see a parent or teacher in her and wondering why cant she be original.  its not her, its you.


everyone you have ever met, everything you have ever done, every learning, every experience, everything has been about your purpose. your raison-d'existence (french) and she cannot be different.  she is part of that whole, that you are also a part of.  she knows nothing more than what you know, you just dont know you know.  her purpose is to assist you in fulfilling yours.


she asked me if I had any questions.  I did.

she (my angels?) answered each one of them.  many of them were spiritual or larger in nature, but I finally fell prey to the immediate me and asked about work, business etc.  I needed to know something then and I was told about it unequivocally.   I knew it at the time, yet my angels made sure i was told again. 


it came true exactly a year later.



is this a miracle?  no. 

did the warning change anything? no

did I need that deceit to come true? yes


i firmly believe i was given the information not to run away or to stop me from the experience but to tell me I needed to know that on my journey.  If I had chosen another path, I would have had to struggle more to earn that learning.  nothing is free, not even spiritual growth.


I was back with Sunita a year later.  'chamatkar ko namakar'  (a salute to a miracle) was a very popular phrase with a freind of mine who is into the occult sceinces.

the smile was broader, warmer.  LIke she spoke to me.   I have always felt smiling is like a language we have all forgotten the phonetics to, but still remember the lip-reading.  she was telling me so much in that one smile.  a recognition, a salute if I may, to acknowledge a big step towards faith.


This time I went in knowing what I will hear.  I did not ask.  Sunita answered everything on my sheet before I even asked it.  am I surprised? no.  that is the way it will be.  once you overcome your fear, your ignorance, your skepticism and sheer obstinacy you will see you dont need to talk to communicate.  you dont need to beg for answers.  Your quest to know is one of the simplest to achieve.


I went through one of the most traumatic periods of my life recently and when Sunita said my angels were happy and wanted me to know how pleased they were with my ability to undergo pain, I was aghast.  rejoicing? happy? these are MY guardian angels?


and then bang! a moment of pure ecstasy when I realized what just happened.  I was fulfilling my destiny and the universe as represented by my angels was cheering me on.  the realization brought to me bliss.  bliss that comes from the pure and complete acceptance of all that you cannot even fathom.  I accept. 

I accept and believe that everyone, everything in the world and beyond is conspiring to help me accomplish my purpose, my destiny.


I am thankful today and I challenge the universe to make this harder for me.  I am going to go through this at a blistering pace and I dont have a moment to spare.  Bring on the misery, I am all smiles today!


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