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TRUE Myths & Legends?

Updated on October 21, 2009

True Myths

Myths and Legends are inherited from the past, what about the present myths the one's that come looking....

There are many stories from the past,many from the present and many that are new and need to unfold. My favourite in High School was the story of "Bloody Mary"

It tells the story of an evil spirit named Mary,who was hanged by her village for deep dark magic, if you look at yourself in the mirror and say "Bloody Mary" 3 times....The legend says Mary shows herself and comes for those who call her and someone of that day gets struck down by an evil deed. The way you know you have successfully called Mary is a red rope mark appears around you're neck, if this happens you better pray for mercy... she stays until somebody else calls upon her. She has been seen,felt and her magick is known in the West of England. But by outsiders looking the person who calls gets themselves into a state and usually touches their neck constantly frantically checking, when in fact they have made the mark themselves by rubbing their neck. if you stay as a bystander it's amazing to see how a person actually gets themselves into a state.

Other Tales of Ghosts occur all over the world everyday. Unfortunately growing up I had the misfortune of being mixed up in the curiosity of it all, it ended in an unpleasant experience with what is described as a poltergeist.

To this day I am still curious about the Paranormal,Myths,Legends and the supernatural. Just nowadays I'm more careful and watch what I am doing AND SAYING!

The Myth of "A Ride With The Devil" sticks in my mind also teaching me a lesson. There was once a Colonel who lived in a huge Manor House and was obsessed with being the best and winning at everything and anything he did. He was a drunk a bully and everybody from the town gave him a wide birth and hated him, he was an avid huntsman and every year on New Years Eve the town hosted the biggest hunt of the year and everybody joined men placed bets and breded their horses for such an event every year. The finest of everything was used. One year on this event The Colonel bet his neighbour a race that he would win with his new horse he had raised from a foal for such an event, the neighbour accepted the bet and set off to be saddled up for the challenge. Gunfire sounded the start, Every person in the town cheered with excitement as the neighbour of the colonel galloped in front on his powerful horse, the colonel lunged forward into his saddle and booted his horse to go faster and faster suddenly an awful devilish frown of fury crossed the colonels face, he pulled out his pistol shot his neighbours horse, the colonels neighbour was thrown from his horse and trampled to his death by the colonel. The towns folk looked upon in horror as did the family of the dead neighbour.

The Colonel did not let this spoil this occasion and proceeded to the magnificent immaculate after party held at the town's mansion set in the middle of stunning grounds on the outskirts of the moors. The Colonel enjoyed himself more the party was almost empty due to what had happened. Slowly people from the next town over arrived not that he had noticed. The colonel was swaying,swearing and shouting over everybody else drunk abusing everybody that stood in his way, things were underway music was playing,people were eating and drinking laughing... Suddenly the doors flung wide open and there stood a huge tall dark hooded figure nobody could see his face his presence went noticed the atmosphere changed the room chilled the music stopped the figure went straight for The Colonel who was stood swigging wine from the bottle swaying, the hooded figure picked up the colonel swung him under his arm turned and left the great hall making his way back outside to the dark foggy night. Everybody froze their eyes following the stranger with the kicking struggling colonel under his arm, nobody seemed to hear his screams or swearing the hooded stranger threw the colonel over the front of his saddle of the midnight black horse that stood waiting outside.

The stranger mounted never saying a word or looking at anyone except the colonel upon entering the hall, The stranger heeled the horse with the colonel wriggling,kicking and punching the air the stranger took off galloping across the misty dark boggy mossy moors.

Every towns person even from the next village over who hadn't heard of the colonels evil deed that night at the party, all said he got what he deserved.

I always try to be polite to anybody I meet, since hearing that tale as a child. Maybe there is an important lesson to be learnt in every Myth & Legend..... maybe a little truth somewhere too.


How common is a Paranormal and Spooky experience?

Have you had a paranormal experience happen that you cannot explain?

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    • Hazel B profile image

      Hazel 4 years ago from Stockport, Cheshire. U.K

      Thanks Johne 152

      That was a real tonic.

      I have a new myth to be told. Which actually turned out to be most definatly NO MYTH!

      Which happened in my own home, and turned out I needed a lot of help with from outside people. I am going round collecting video footage and photos and will most certain write....But maybe when it's not so raw. Thanks Hazel B

    • profile image

      Johne152 4 years ago

      I just like the helpful info you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at once more here regularly. I'm somewhat sure Ill learn a lot of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the following! aaeckedcfdcd

    • profile image

      Madison 6 years ago

      wow! the bloody mary one freaked me out! lol

    • Hazel B profile image

      Hazel 7 years ago from Stockport, Cheshire. U.K

      Hi daisyf1305,

      As with Myths & Legends, there are many untold I am receiving a lot of requests to tell more, at this point I am unsure.... please feel free to yey or ney my ask for advice and please rate the hub above the comments.

      and thanks feedback like this makes me positive

      Hazel B

    • daisyf1305 profile image

      Daisy Fabelo 7 years ago from miami beach

      very good i never knew the colonel legend it was good thanx


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