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No Such Thing as Sin

Updated on November 21, 2017

What God Created was Flawless and Perfect

In the Bible is the story of Jesus. According to the Bible, he came to take away our sins, maybe we should let him.

Very few people seem to actually understand this. According to the Bible, God created man in his own image. That means God created a being that was perfect and flawless. If man was made in the likeness of God, man is obviously like God. God has no sin, therefore man has no sin. It can be no other way.

  • Genesis 1:26 (KJV)

    And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

In the Beginning there was no Sin

In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve were doing whatever they were doing on a daily basis and everything was fine. There was no sin, so whatever they did was just whatever they did. There was nothing good or evil and there was no such thing as sin.

If only things would have stayed this way. If the idea of sin had never entered the world, so many horrible things may have never happened. The world would truly be a much different place had this idea not been introduced. What if no one would have ever thought of it. Imagine what a fantastic place Earth might be.

The Tree of the Concept

Sin only became real upon consuming from the tree of knowledge. Knowledge of what? It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The "knowledge" of good and evil. This knowledge did not exist before. There was simply no concept of it.

They did not look at each other and think that they were doing something wrong. God did not look at them as if they were wrong or bad. God only saw the perfect creations he had formed in his own sinless image. There was no need for salvation and there could not possibly be any reason for punishment. Adam and Eve were just perfect, exactly as they were created, just as we all are. There simply was no knowledge at all of the concept of good or evil. Things were just what they were. This is why God said, "I am that I am." We are what we are, and we should accept ourselves as such. There is no reason for condemnation, judgement, punishment, or guilt.

  • Exodus 3:14 (KJV)

    And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

The Instant Sin is Believed it is Unavoidably and Automatically Seen

  • Genesis 2:17 (KJV)

    But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

God did not want Adam and Eve to have this knowledge, because he knew what would happen if they did. God knew they would immediately start to look upon each other as if they were defective or wrong somehow. This was the so-called fall of man, and exactly what God tried to prevent from happening.

According to the story in the Bible, Eve ate from the tree first and then convinced Adam to do the same. At that moment they had the knowledge they were never meant to have. They now had the knowledge of good and evil. Instantly, they looked at one another differently. They had been pure and innocent, suddenly they were naked and sinful.

This is a metaphor for the start of a different consciousness, awareness, perspective, and perception of reality for the Human race. This change in consciousness has had a terribly negative effect on the whole of Humanity. The only result of Humanity believing in sin has been unspeakable abuse and the outright enslavement of the entire Human race. This is all it has ever done, but it is precisely what it was intended to do. This is clearly not what God wanted and what none of us should tolerate.

God didn't care that they were naked. He thought it was perfectly natural to be naked exactly as he created them. God did not think they were sinful, he thought Adam and Eve were insane for acting the way they were. This did not matter though. The concept of sin had now entered, there was no going back. From there, Humanity has gone on deciding what is and is not sin.

Belief in Sin Leads to Judgement

We have built upon this lie, this false idea that sin is real, to do absolutely horrible things to people. This has gone on all through history. We have enslaved, imprisoned, abused, and murdered people for thousands of years completely based on belief in sin. God does not care even a little bit about your sin, it is people who want to enslave and abuse you that care about your sin.

God knew sin was a lie. He knew that Humans were using this lie to remove freedom and enslave others. This was not what he was trying to do at all, but it is what happened. That is why, according to the Bible, that God sent Jesus. Something had to be done. Someone needed to let the Human race know that sin was a lie. That is why Jesus came, to take away the sin. He came to let us know there is no such thing as sin. The only way to get rid of sin is to get rid of the "knowledge" of sin. In order to get rid of it, it can't exist anymore. If sin exist at all, you will be in it. You will spend the rest of your life in sin if you continue to acknowledge that it exists. Free yourself in this instant. Sin does not exist, there is no such thing.

If you want to see how amazing people are, stop believing in sin. Everything changes in that instant. There is no sin. Right and wrong are only values we assign. No one is sinful. If there is no sin, how can we possibly judge that another has sinned? We cannot. The only way we can stand in judgement of another person, or in condemnation of someone else, is if we believe sin is real. It was Satan who wanted us to eat from that tree, not God. Satan wanted us to be aware of right and wrong, not God. Satan wanted us to believe in sin, not God. Satan has forced the belief in sin on us, so that for all time man would violate what God wanted. Everything that God ever wanted for us has been destroyed because we have believed in sin.

God didn't like what had happened, so he came up with a plan. He sent Jesus to take away the sin. This should have worked, but Humanity has not allowed Jesus to take away the sin. We have just gone on condemning and judging others. Until we can free ourselves from this deceptive idea, Satan will always be in charge of us, and as a result, the world. If there is any question as to who is in charge of this place, just have a look at the evening news.

What Jesus was trying to get us to understand is how to leave a life of sin, and sin no more. How do you do that? Can you do that by believing you are sinful and in need of salvation? No, that only reinforces the idea. Can we live a life free of sin if we think others are sinful? No, of course not, that only leads to judgment. How do you really leave a life of sin, and sin no more? This cannot be done if you still believe that sin exists as a real thing. There is only one way, and that way is to realize that there is no such thing. There is no such thing as sin.

It simply does not exist, just as God intended. It is only a concept. It is a lie from the pits of Hell that has been used as a weapon to enslave us, all of us. Jesus came to take away this nonsense, it's time to actually let him do it. The only thing you have to do is realize the truth. There is no such thing as sin. Realize that and you will finally, for the first time in your life, be doing exactly what the story of Jesus was trying to tell you to do. It is not about asking for forgiveness. It is not about surrendering your life and it is certainly not about submitting to a master. It is about understanding that sin is a lie. You do not need to be a slave to it, or anything else, not ever. The time is now to be free of sin. Sin has no power when it does not exist. No more guilt, shame, fear, or feelings of unworthiness. Free yourself.

Get Rid of It

If we get rid of this whole idea, we will be able to look at ourselves and others the same way as Jesus did. Jesus did not see anyone as sinful. He only saw perfect creations who don't know what they are doing and do not deserve any form of punishment.

We spend too much time thinking about what we did wrong and what someone else did wrong. Instead of forgiving and moving on, we judge, condemn, and punish. As the effects of this ripple out into society the results are catastrophic. Countless numbers of innocent people have been murdered, imprisoned, abused, and enslaved as a direct result of a mindset that is the result of belief in sin. Belief in sin creates a justification to do the most inhumane things. The enormous negative effect this way of thinking has had on Humanity should be enough to bring a tear to any eye. We must mature, the whole concept of sin has got to go. We can not embrace this or the resulting thought patterns any longer. The Human race needs to move beyond all of this.

Just think of all the horrible things that have happened, all through history, based on the idea that one person was not right with another person's idea of what God wanted. This is just ridiculous, it's insane.

It was not God who made sin, that was man. In God there is no sin. We are all inside God and part of God, so how could any of us possibly sin? We cannot, it is an impossibility. Truth brings freedom. A lie brings bondage. Does belief in sin bring about freedom? It does not. How then can it be true? It is not. It's a lie, a deception, and is exactly what Satan would have you believe.

God sees no sin. Jesus sees no sin. There is just no such thing.

Forgiveness is Easy

When we finally understand this, that's when we can truly love each other and ourselves. Forgiveness is very easy when we understand that there was no sin in the first place. It was only an idea, a concept, and a lie that has led us into bondage. It's not real, we must realize this.

How can we ever stop judging others as long as we continue to see them as sinful? Full of sin? It's just not true and it never was true. Born into sin? Babies are miracles, they are not sinful. The adults that grow from those babies are miracles as well. We are good, we are perfect, we are beautiful, we are wonderful, we are kind, we are generous, we are amazing, and we are always exactly as we should be. We are not sinful creatures, and to see us that way is the result of a severely distorted mentality. Belief in sin is the practice of self-hatred. As self-hatred expands into all of society, it results in the world we have created. Have a look at it. How is belief in sin working for us? We have had enough of this. Look away from sin, look toward love, kindness, compassion, empathy, respect, and understanding. We can create a new world, and it can start by refusing to believe in sin for one more second of our precious time on this planet.

When we know that sin is a lie, we can look at ourselves right along with everyone else, and see how wonderful and amazing we are. It is easy to see how beautiful and fantastic we are when we are free to see it. As long as we continue to buy the lie of sin, we simply cannot see what is really there. We will always see fault and place blame. We will always be disappointed in ourselves and others. We have to change this.

We will never be free until we understand that there is no such thing as sin. Go now, be free, leave your life of sin. Enter a new life, a life without sin.


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    • profile image

      Michaela McKuen 

      6 months ago

      This is the single most commonsensical thing I've ever read. I was just thinking about how people can relate to eternity in a positive manner and some old poems I wrote and came to the conclusion that somehow sin doesn't exist. It seems like the idea of sin is sin and invented by delusional humans who wanted to create a separate will besides God's omnipotent will, though it has real consequences.

    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      4 years ago

      That is very nice of you to say. Thank you, it really means a lot to me.

    • tony mcnaughton profile image

      tony mcnaughton 

      4 years ago

      Great article.....must make you a happy soul , being such a "winner" in both thought and literary construct.

      I'm grateful for your participation/presence here at HubPages.


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