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Numerology, Astrology & Prediction - Indications to Know When You Might Get Lucky

Updated on February 25, 2013

Someone recently told us that she thinks she has the worst luck of anyone. She said she thinks she has been offered a "dark mysterious life," and asked if there is any way to change it. We relayed the following information to her.

It's time to disregard the idea that you have bad luck aspects in your charts. Good psychics, astrologers, and numerologists wouldn't tell you something like that because there's no such thing.

By saying "the worst luck," maybe you mean that you think you have challenging love or money karma, for instance. Is there a way to erase difficult karma? No, but you can make your life better by dealing with your karma from a higher perspective.

What is "luck," really? Some say it's successfully capitalizing on opportunities, some say it involves totally random gifts from above, and some even suggest it's because God likes or dislikes some people more than others.

The notion of luck implies chance but expert predictive numerologists and astrologers will tell you that no circumstance in anyone's life is completely random. It's not easy sometimes to identify the root cause of certain happenings, but there's a growing segment of the population that understands that what goes around comes around (karma).

In other words, for every action (includes thought and intent) there is an equal and opposite action. Does this mean that energy carries over from previous lifetimes and that every action eventually catches up to you? Yes.

Without realizing that we all move through our own unique cycles of time (symbolized by the aspects in numerology and astrology charts), it may appear as if we are sometimes lucky and sometimes unlucky, and these episodes often seem unrelated to other circumstances.

However, if you look at someone's charts when they did very well financially, for example, they will have "lucky" patterns/considerations constituting the framework of that period. If you look at the same person's charts when their spouse filed for divorce, they lost their job, and became ill; they have what could be considered "unlucky" patterns/considerations during that period.

There are certain numbers that are more commonly associated with rewarding experiences; some of these numbers are listed below. Also, each person resonates better with some numbers more than others due to the uniqueness of their charts.

The root numbers 3 and 5 are often associated with good fortune. People who take the right action at the right time under the 3 and, or 5 timing to capitalize on this fruitful energy most often experience success, if the natal configurations support it.

The number 7 also has a good reputation connected to prosperity and luck, but only when those linked to it are truly on the right path in life. 7 has a way of "taking people down" (happens often) if there are parts of their lives that go against what they must do here on Earth.

13 is "all or nothing," and can spell huge success, but it's too often connected to ruin.

Note: great accuracy with numerology and astrology results from examining all parts of the charts and discerning life events and character symbolized through patterns, instead of using only one or two, or a handful of calculations.

Dramatic shifts from "bad luck" to "good luck" or "good luck" to "bad luck" are some of the circumstances more obviously seen in the charts. For example, a subject was under several long and medium-term time cycles of 4, 1, and 7. During this period, she consistently did what she had to do to get where she wanted to be in her career and with her financial status. Then she transited from most of the 4, 1, and 7 to several 5 and 9 time cycles. Her sudden success from all the effort (in this life and past ones) was almost too much to handle. However, since she was aware of the coming changes, she happily worked them to her advantage and was able to deal with the craziness of sudden big success.

What you believe about your life, of course, also holds great importance. Thinking you are a lucky or unlucky person can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Begin to think of yourself as "lucky" or fortunate, and repeat a mantra whenever you think of it, such as "I'm so grateful that I'm so lucky!" or "Luck follows me everywhere I go!" and see what happens.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • Marnan3 profile image


      8 years ago from ~ Wherever My Heart Is ~

      Awesome - #3 being my favorite number and all associated with my heart has the number # in it.....Thanks


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