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ouija go?

Updated on June 28, 2017

yesyes,hell no

This a real event in my life i was about 19 years old at the time..

At the time i worked in a amusement arcade and lived in the flat above it. After working in the small arcade about 2 years myself and my now ex became friendly with 8 or 9 regulars and would often sit in the flat until early hours drinking getting very drunk and just generally been young adults.

One evening about 2.30am really drunk a friend of mine named rich suggested doing a Ouija board, all drunk we said yes.

At first very little happened then the movements began to happen, with this a drunken argument broke out that someone was pushing the board when suddenly the main front room door had two large bangs on it. Some of us screamed i was probably one of them but we laughed thinking someone had arrived so my ex opened the door and no one was there it was at this point the radio started crackling and lights began to flicker.

Panicking Rich threw the glass at the wall but it never made it, the glass just seemed to of vanished.

Well the next day we all laughed about how freaky that was and thought nothing of it.

Around 6 months later strange things began to happen, a friend robbie swore even tho we was on 3rd floor he had seen a mans face at the window, my then ex woke one morning with scratches on her face another friend of ours clinton what ever it was had a real dislike to him and clint was pushed down the stairs 3 times and had a plate thrown at him.

We put up with this kind of thing and banging and knocking for about one month more before deciding enough was enough and moved out..Around 3 years later when the flat was empty a mysterious fire broke out damaging the place

© 2017 karl


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