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Our big family

Updated on March 18, 2014

Our Big Family

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden
They learnt the skills of agriculture
They learnt the skills of agriculture
Noah Built The Ark
Noah Built The Ark
The Dispersal after Confounding of the languages
The Dispersal after Confounding of the languages
Abraham leaves Ur and Idol worship
Abraham leaves Ur and Idol worship
Jacob's Tour to Egypt
Jacob's Tour to Egypt
The tour to Canaan
The tour to Canaan
God's wrath on Idol Worship , hence Babylonian Captivity
God's wrath on Idol Worship , hence Babylonian Captivity
Babylon Captivity
Babylon Captivity
Israel  camped in the wildern
Israel camped in the wildern
The few Jews refused to bow .
The few Jews refused to bow .
The Return from Exile
The Return from Exile
God hates Idol worshipers
God hates Idol worshipers

Our Big Family

Our Big Family

Years ago in the Garden of Eden,

Heaven's bliss dwelt; life mellowed then.

The first human race did here begin,

Until one day disobedience crept in;

Eden's measure of bliss, God told them to leave;

Angels He kept on sentry from morn to Eve.

Wandering thence learnt they the art and skill,

The flock to keep, the ground to till.

Growing in numbers, they began to multiply;

Their imagination with God's laws did not comply.

Every thought was only evil continually,

It grieved God's heart this Big Family.

Soon sin swept o'er the entire race,

Only Noah and his folks did find God's grace.

He built the ark as God told him to:

Bringing all the animals in two by two;

These were safe and Noah's folks of eight,

After the deluge; when the waters did abate.

So winding their way to Babylon they came,

The descendants of Ham Japheth and Shem.

In harmony began they to build a tower;.

One language bound together their will and power.

Now God did then their language confound,

To replenish the earth; to be fruitful and abound.

Thus from Babylon the human race went.

Out of Ur, Abraham's family was sent.

Leaving the idols not knowing where to go,

Obeying God he did not say no.

Canaan to Egypt and back again;

Twas an exhaustive tour; it wasn't in vain!

Trudging thro' the deserts they pitched at Mt. Sinai;

When God spake it thundered, they dreaded to come nigh.

So here to Moses did God give His command:

Make no graven images on this land.

Of any likeness in heaven, earth or water,

Worship not my creation; but only the creator.

There is no god beside me; there is no other.

I am the creator, your God; know not another.

To any creature you must not bow,

Yet heeded they not; moved Aaron somehow

To make an image; stripping off their gold

Into a molten calf: an image he did mould.

These are our Gods; come let us take

An offering; saying thus they rose to play.

God was displeased and to Moses He spake;

These stiff-necked men have gone astray!

This their grievous sin I'll surely visit.

Keep moving on; Mine angel will usher the exit.

Leading them back to Canaan He swore;

If you worship these idols like before,

You'll be choosing a life that will be worse;

So I put before you a blessing and a curse:

A blessing if you choose to obey;

And a curse if you turn aside from my way.

Now as the idolaters grew to a whopping score,

God sent them judges; it vexed Him sore.

So He carried them back to Babylon city.

This time less than a tour 'twas a captivity!

Bowing to these idols, they did refuse;

Nor to worship them, were three faithful Jews.

When seventy years by and by rolled,

Only the Living God each one extolled.

God was pleased; they returned from exile,

Their super expedition was worthwhile!

Authorised by king Cyrus and king Artaxerxes,

Under Zerubbabel and Ezra - the second exodus!

Looking down through the ages still we see these,

Idol worshippers of sun, storm,. rain and trees.

Oh! That they knew these are God's creation.

The creator to worship and creature- worship to shun.

If it rips our hearts to see the family apart ,

Indeed much more it is breaking God's heart!

(Gen 1-12, Exodus, Revelation 21, and Jeremiah 10).


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