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Pig Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 31, 2010

Pig Zodiac Personality Traits

This is the sign of simplicity, honesty and great fortitude. Courageous, sturdy and gallant, people who born under the year of the Pig will apply themselves to an alloted task with all their strength and you can rely on them to see it through. Outwardly, they may appear jovial and rough-hewn, but scratch the surface and what you will see is pure gold. Innocent and naïve, these people are the favorite victim of swindlers. The Pig people are kind and popular because like the Rabbit and Sheep, they seek universal harmony. They will not carry grudges (unless you give them no choice) and do not like to add fuel to the fire. They are strong, helpful and loyal, and will normally make lasting and beneficial friendships. However, they are also equally reputed for their wanton pursuit for pleasure, and even depravity, when they emphasize their negative traits.

Pig Zodiac Sign

Pig Zodiac Sign
Pig Zodiac Sign

The Male Pig

Cheerful, simple and honest, the male Pig has the courage of a tiger and the appetite of an elephant. Sensitive and caring, he enjoys good things in life, such as fine wine and good food. Although he is not good at reading people but he has kind heart, friendly and affectionate. When deceived, he can forget and forgive easily and always able to stand up again after being struck down by others. Once provoked, he can be extremely aggressive and vicious. He will stand up, throw away his happy, jolly-fellow outlook and retaliate vigorously until his rival waves a white flag and gives up. The male Pig also has great endurance and wont mind taking up the burdens of others. He is quick tempered too but since he hates quarrelling and bickering he will end up giving the opponents the benefit of the doubt. When the world is cruel to you, run to the Pig, he will definitely welcome you and your troubles with open arms.

The Female Pig

The female Pig will either be spotlessly clean or terribly untidy. Modest and personable, she will devote every energy she has to any object of her affection and will ask for very littIe in return. Always shows up with her smile, she will be identified by her remarkable purity of expression and trusting ways. Although she enjoys helping people but when it comes to her own problem, she might refuse taking any help and can be extremely stubborn. Romantic at heart, miss Piggy prefers to be pampered, swooned and courted. And no matter how many times her good friends warned her, she will still stay with him and will cry again to her friends when she is left alone again. Being so innocent, generous and sympatetic, she often be the main target from unscrupulous people. She loves social events and yes, shopping is her second nature.

The Pig Child

The Pig child will be self-reliant and easy to deal with. Determined, dependable and sociable, he will lead in school activities and will acquire prestige bu his dedication and perseverance. Courageous in the face of great odds, this youngster will not complain and whimper. Gifted with strong and healthy body, he can withstand a good deal of pain and suffering withuot crying. Like the Rat, the Pig child has a hefty appetite and you wont need to force him to eat or pamper him like a Sheep child. His placid exterior masks his passionate nature. Not easily depressed and discouraged, he will work hard cheerfully for his own goals. This child also does not really need so much attention compared to the other child but make sure that he will have your support when he seeks it. He wont mind you are the boss just as long as you don't treat him like a slave.


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