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Numerology, Astrology, Psychic Prediction & the Lottery

Updated on March 8, 2013

Is winning the lottery pure chance or is it destined? Seasoned predictive numerologists and astrologers will tell you that no major circumstance in anyone's life is completely random.

Auspicious times in people's lives are easily seen in numerology and astrology charts. The far less prosperous times are also visible. The collections of considerations comprising patterns in numerology and astrology charts represents all significant life circumstances.

At the same time, it's impossible to identify exactly how to win money during any specific time (what numbers to play, etc.) for any one person, but instead, it's possible to say when a person is most likely to win. There are definite times in everyone's life when more money comes in than goes out and other times when more money goes out than comes in. In fact, it's often easier to identify through the charts when a person will have financial challenges and when they won't be lucky.

Furthermore, everyone has their own unique periods of time throughout life when financial success is much more likely to manifest by taking the right action at the most opportune time. For example, ten different real-estate investors (all with similar experience, intelligence, etc.) in the same city are, at the same time, aggressively buying new properties to expand their companies. The tremendous success of three of them and the moderate success of the other seven has everything to do with individual timing and karma, and nothing to do with luck.

Generally, if the cause of a particular fortunate event is not clear, it's common for people to call it luck.

People get lucky because they make their own luck and the timing supports it.

Making one's luck may include placing the winning numbers in a lottery, spending many years in school to obtain a well paying job, or working tirelessly for 40 years to build a successful business.

What also may appear as luck are rewards ("good karma") from past lives, such as being born into a family with loving, supportive parents. Our lives are mostly what we, as souls, make them before incarnating; many key life events are predestined. How we, as personalities, deal with and embrace our individual life lessons is what life is all about.

In examining the numerology and astrology charts of people who have won large lottery jackpots, the aspects reflect what their personal experiences will be with suddenly having a lot of cash. For example, if it's their karma to have "negative experiences", such as bankruptcy (common with lotto winners) or attracting many opportunists who are after their money, their charts will reflect this. Or, if it's their destiny to use the money wisely, retain their wealth, and to create charitable organizations, the charts will represent these probabilities.

Some people have asked us if it's possible to get the winning lottery numbers in meditation or through consulting with a psychic. If it were possible, many psychics would be multi-millionaires. Perhaps it's not possible because winning such a large sum of money would alter a person's life blueprint so drastically that they would miss the destined and karmic ("good" and "bad") experiences they're here for. It seems likely that it's only possible to get a glimpse of the winning numbers in meditation if it's your destiny and karma to win.

It's also interesting to note that handwriting analysis can identify if a person is blocking prosperity in their life.

Although a person may feel that they consciously deserve more abundance, their subconscious (which rules over the consciousness) may feel like they don't deserve it, thus they sabotage circumstances in their lives that equate to having more money.

Comprehensive numerology and astrology allow us to identify the best times to be lucky. It's up to us to get to know ourselves well enough to know what type of plan is for our highest good and what is not. "Success" comes by taking the path most suited to us. All of us have our own unique key experiences in life to learn and understand; this is what matters most.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • ArtCantHurtU profile image


      10 years ago

      scott, I have played the lottery and been nto numerology for years,

      how you think aspects like numerology interact with karma, fate and predetermined life agreements?

    • Mr Nice profile image

      Mr Nice 

      10 years ago from North America

      You should be alreay a billionaire yourself by playing lotto.


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