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Psychic Research

Updated on November 3, 2013

Everyone has psychic ability

I receive several emails each month asking me how I knew I was a psychic. They have psychic senses too or at least they have had enough extraordinary experiences to suggest they are psychic. They want to know how to understand these impressions, what to do with them, and of course, if what they are experiencing is normal.

Psychic perception is a human trait that everyone possesses. There are differences in the strength and type of psychic perception just as there are between people and physical perception. Some people have more acute hearing, or keen eye sight or more sensitivity to pain and pleasure. The point is that understanding the mechanics of our physical senses will help you to understand your psychic senses better too.

Why Psychology is the Wrong Discipline

What we do with the information once it has entered our inner world is the concern of psychology. Aligning psychic perception with psychology is what has slowed down the research in the field for a number of reasons. There is always the risk that a person’s psychic perception will be given a psychological diagnosis and treated as a dysfunction. In relation to research this has kept possibly hundreds of thousands valid psychic perceptions out of reach of the serious psychic researchers working in the field.

Secondly, psychology as a relatively new science and has been on the defensive to prove itself a valid scientific endeavour since its inception 120 year ago. This defensive stance has also contributed to a loss of potentially thousands of accounts of psychic perceptions. Psychologists fear reprisal and stigma from their peers for going down a path of the psycho/spiritual. I would suggest that every therapist working one-on-one with clients has experienced a psychic event in therapy. I would even go as far to suggest that most truly effective psychotherapists are gifted telepaths and empaths.

Early Psychologists

Early Psychologists.  Freud is lower middle and Jung is on his right.
Early Psychologists. Freud is lower middle and Jung is on his right. | Source

Early Psychologists

Sigmund Freud who sits in the lower middle of the photo claimed at the end of his life that if he'd had his life to live over, he would have "spent it studying the esoteric sciences." Yet throughout his life he denied any evidence to suggest it existed and was a central concern to understanding out humanness.

Carl Jung who sits to his right took a completely different approach and declared that being truly human meant having a mature, developed spiritual nature. He believed in the power of dreams to lead us deeper into our spiritual natures. When he joined with Freud to share dreams and pointed in this direction, to the esoteric, Freud told him to stop this study immediately or it would discredit and blight the reputation of psychoanalysis which was having challenges already garnering support in the scientific community.

This movie produced in 2010-2011 depicts aspects of Jung & Freud's relationship.
This movie produced in 2010-2011 depicts aspects of Jung & Freud's relationship. | Source

Dr. Carl Wickland

Psychic Ability & Sensory Self Awareness

In making a study of psychic ability, your first stop should be understanding how your physical senses function.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you an intuitive or sensory person?
  2. Are you a feeling or thinking dominant person?
  3. Do you pay attention to signals your body sends you such as inexplicable stomach aches?
  4. Would you describe yourself as a detail oriented person?

These questions can be answered objectively through taking a Myers-Briggs personality typology test. You can find one online for free at This is a test based upon the research done by Carl Jung on personality types.Understanding these dominant orientations will help you to recognize how psychic perception enters your biological system and what you do with it when it does. Notice I didn’t use the term “brain” and the reason for that is because psychic perception can be held in any part of your body. Some people feel it in their stomachs, or their muscles or just about anywhere in their body. Knowing this will also help you to understand why you have trouble with these areas of your body!

While Carl Jung has been given credit for being the "psychologist who believed in humanity's spiritual nature", I would also argue that he was not the best. A much more obscure, yet gifted psychologist should be studied if you are interested in learning what helpful links can be made between the study of psychology and psychic ability. His name was Dr.Carl Wickland.

Below is a photo of Dr. Wickland with his psychically gifted wife.


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