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Reincarnation and Karma

Updated on November 6, 2015

Jesus's sword quote

Jesus then said, ‘Put your sword back, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.’ New World Translation
Peter, the one who drew the sword died by crucifixion. Not the sword. One way the church can say that statement is true is say that the act of drawing the sword is an act of violence. And being crucified is an act of violence.

Belief in reincarnation

Or you believe, as I do, in karma and reincarnation. Most Christian churches don't.
I am not talking of the wacko's that bring up coming back as flies and animals.

God wanted us to be free thinking entities. That does not mean He wants us to do evil. To be complete we need to experience all things. This may take many life times to do and need to be corrected at times.

Why not True

I have read the top 10 snipers' cause of death. Most died of old age. No violence what so ever! They definitely lived by the "sword/gun". In my reasoning they died a violent death in the past or a future life. The churches say you only have one human life. That may be true for that particular body. I believe you get a different body each time. Like driving a different car when you get rid of an older one.

Ex Japanese military admitted to killing civilians and military with their swords. These were dying off of, non violent, old age. So that statement again can't be true unless you believe in reincarnation and that violent death happened in a different life time.

Stuck on the physical

The Jews believed in three main divisions of the soul. Physical, mental, Spiritual.
Geneses starts with the lowest. Then repeats using the mental and spiritual. I, at times, could not figure out why they repeated the same thing over again. until I read on line the different main areas covered each time. The church seems to be stuck on the physical explanation. Where your soul is only given one shot. Then either eternal death or life. Not logical at all!

Karmic Debt paid

Now, how can you have paid your karmic debt off in a past life for a present or future life? All time is happening at the same time. We are just stuck in one small part of it. This is how Jesus and others could tell what is going to happen. He and others see it in the recorded events of all time. Called the Akashic records.

Final thoughts

So Jesus's words are true when the deeper things of spirit are considered.
Do the Christian churches know this? They sure don't teach it to the masses.

Belief in Reincarnation

What is your beliefs about reincarnation

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