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Religion, at 100 words per rant

Updated on August 12, 2017

Believers & Religions: Amazing how many believe in resurrection (or reincarnation, or any other form of after-death existence). There's nothing to prove that we're anything but dust after we die, but of course there's no proof to the contrary either. Which is what made the Vatican rich, it sure wasn't reason, and it most certainly weren't good deeds. Fear of nothingness gives meaning to the word "faith" and sustenance to organized religions. Death has been a powerful ally to these empires built on fear of the unknown. They've reigned with impunity forever. We, deathly creatures, are a race of cowards.

Catholics & Co: How many priests have been found guilty of child molesting in recent years? For all the Catholic Church preaching about there being a better life beyond death, they're sure having a field day here on earth. F*cking hypocrites. But that's old news, right? While the Pope is punching holes in condoms, the lower ranks feast on the flesh they ask their faithful followers to negate. Still, child molesting seems like the ultimate offense. I suppose the bastards think they're covered... when Christ died on the cross for our sins, he never said child molesting wasn't included. Disgusting.

The Bible: Also known as the Good Book. But good for what, I wonder? Good for burning in times of crisis when there's no wood? I'll tell you what the book in question is good for: it's great for quoting when one's got a pea-sized brain and can't come up with an original thought to post in an argument. So, anyway, I don't have much against the bible per se, really, just against those that point it at me, all gun-like. In that sense, the good book is like a pistol, I'd rather not have it pointed to my head.

The Pope today: Referring to pedophile priests in as many countries as priests exist, the old dude said: "Condemn the sin but forgive the sinner."  Ex-f*ckig-cuse me? It must be fabulous to be part of a sect that allows one to be a subhuman bastard that can be let off the hook just by means of repenting. I guess that's what one gets for joining a group whose earthy leader said "judge not, lest ye be judged". How come, then, that Mr. Pope went from that statement to condemning abortion in a two-day span? Care to explain that to me?

Religion & I: Whenever I go into one of my tirades against organized religions, this friend tells me to leave well enough alone, to take it easy and not to criticize religion so much, 'cause what's the point. To each their own, he says. Exactly, to each their own, so shut the f*ck up and let me vent. I'd opt to stay quiet about organized religions if they repaid me in kind, but since most of them choose to judge me instead of letting me be, sometimes I feel the itch to defend myself. And payback is a bitch, eh?

Religious Fundamentalism: (Worst for last) If you think everyone has a right to their beliefs, think again. Is it OK to terrorize, kill, inflict any kind of physical or mental pain unto others because they don't have the same beliefs? I don't think so. So none of this nonsense of live and let live with the fundamentalists. As far as I'm concerned, this bunch of gangsters should be locked away in a separate planet, completely removed from the decent people of the world. Fundamentalism isn't only opium, it's hate and terror, it's a gun pointed to the head of humankind.

Catholics & Contraception: I don't get this aversion to contraception from the church. You'd think it'd be in their best interests that the pill and any other contraception methods be not only allowed but applauded and paid for, seeing how they fuck left and right. Oh, wait. They mostly fuck children, and male children at that. Right, now I can see why they wouldn't care about contraception. Then again, I still don't get what's the problem with contraception. Could it be that it doesn't facilitate that more children come into the world for them to fuck up, over and out?

Warning: Here's another batch of 100. First, this is my opinion. A monumentally obvious statement, I realize, but religious zealots aren't famous for discerning thought. If you have an opinion of your own, feel free to state it. Remember, however, a quote from the bible is NOT an opinion of your own. Second, if you're reading this and thinking I'm going straight to hell, think again, something which you probably haven't done in a while, if you really think I'm going to hell. Last, I don't care if god exists or not, I just ditch organized religions of any kind.

© 2010 Elena.


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