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The Simplicity of The Law of Attraction and Reprogramming Your Own Mind

Updated on April 27, 2015

Change is Easy

Simply put, what a person thinks about is what they get in their physical reality.

The reprogramming of a person's own mind starts with a desire for a different result in one's physical reality. Some know what they want and can start with those new desires while others must use contrast to realize what it is they want. Once the desire is realized the work of reprogramming one's mind can begin.

Stating the new desire as if it has already happened, in present tense and being grateful and happy about it is the first step (i.e. I Michelle am so happy and grateful now that I am healthy and weigh 130 pounds).This statement is referred to as an affirmation. Since the subconscious mind is what is being reprogrammed in this process and it does not recognize if a thought is real or imagined, it can be tricked into believing that an imagined thought is already physical reality. These subconscious beliefs are what make up each persons physical reality so when they are changed the physical reality follows suit.

Writing the affirmation 10 to 20 times a day will begin the process of reprogramming the mind. This should be done either in the morning upon r

ising while the mind is still impressionable or just before bedtime. Use plain unruled paper, which forces the brain to keep lines in order and more attention to detail is demanded. Make the writing legible for clarity. Reduce the size of writing, this increases concentration.

Verbalize the affirmation upon waking while the mind is fresh and impressionable and again before bed. Saying the affirmation aloud reaffirms it to the subconscious mind and instills the new belief even more. The verbalization must then be followed by a visualization of the end result of the affirmation. Using the example above, imagine what the new healthy slim body feels like, the new sizes of clothing, the healthy food consumed on a daily basis, the compliments received, etc... Visualize this as if it has already happened.

These steps done daily will reprogram a persons subconscious mind to new beliefs and in return their physical reality will change and become what they desire. This can be done in all aspects of a person's life.

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    • CreatePerfection profile image

      CreatePerfection 7 years ago from Beautiful Colorado

      mepperly, I really like this article. Much of what I write about myself is the metaphysical aspect of life. I am a big fan of Quantum Physics and some of the experiments accomplished through this science over the years show the affect of our thoughts on the world around us.

      Thank you for writing about this. (And thank you for following me.)



    • profile image

      Teresa 8 years ago

      This is really good!