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Ancient Hebrews vs Modern Hebrew

Updated on December 4, 2012

My inspiration and information comes from many sources and this article comes from Yachazy'al Yachazaq Yahu Shalum, Yachazyal@Yahuahislife.

Elohim, hallelujah, tanak, kosher, amen, and messiah are not Hebrew words, but Yiddish vernacular, a language spoken by Jews in Europe and elsewhere by Jewish emigrants, usually written in the Hebrew alphabet. Historically, it is a dialect of High German with an admixture of words of Hebrew, Aramaic, Roman, and Slavonic origin, developed in central and eastern Europe during the middle ages. When we apply a Hebrew and Aramaic mind-set to this discussion, we can quickly dispose of Yiddish. The Ashkanazim are the people who the world consider Hebrews, but this is not true(we will talk about this at another time). Hebrews are of the lineage of Shem and the Ashkanazim are of the lineage of Yaphath/Japheth (B'rashyth/Genesis 10:2-3). When the Hebrews went into captivity, their true language was blended into Aramaic wich we now call Hebrew. This is why we must understand, in many cases, Hebrew vs Aramaicis at the heart of the matter. The dialects are very similar for example: no=lo in Aramaic, la in Hebrew. Mighty one= el in Aramaic, al in Hebrew. Yeshua, the son's name in Aramaic, Yahusha (ya-hoo-sha) in Hebrew. This is ancient(paleo) Hebrew. It is quite possibly the oldest language known to man.

There have been many changes to what we refer to as Hebrew, but everyone must have a working knowledge of this language in order to understand Scripture. MODERN HEBREW IS NOT THE SAME AS ANCIENT HEBREW.

The Scriptures - The True Names

I am not able to show the vowel points on my computer, but I will try to give you a clear pronunciation of each book.

1. Genesis = B'rashyth(ba-ra-ah-sheet) in the beginning.

2. Exodus = U Alah Shamuth(sha-moot) and these were the names.

3. Leveticus = U Yaqra(oo-ya-kra) and he called forth.

4. Numbers = B Mabar(ba-ma-bar) the wilderness.

5. Deuteronomy =Alah Dabarym(da-ba-reem) these are the words.

6. Joshua = Yahusha(ya-hu-sha)Yah is salvation.

7. Judges = Shaphatym(sha-fa-teem) judges/vindicators.

8. Ruth = ruth(root) campanion/friend.

9. Samuel = Shamu al(sha-moo-awl) heard of Alahym.

10.Kings = Malakym(ma-la-keem) kings/rulers.

11.Chronicles = Dabry H-Yamym(da-bree-ha-ya-mem) the mattersof the days.

12.Ezra = Azara(ahz-a-rah) aid.

13.Nehemiah = Nacham Yah(na-kham-yah) consolation.

14.Ester = Hadasah(ha-da-sah) myrtle.

15.Job = Ayub(ee-yoob) persecuted.

16.Psalms = Tahalym(ta-ha-leem) the praises.

17.Proverbs = Mashly(ma-shlee) byward/adage.

18.Ecclesiastes = Qhalath(ka-ha-lawt) preachers/lecturers.

19.Songs of Solomon = Shyr-H-Shyrym(sheer-ha-shee-reem) sind the songs.

20.Isaih = Yasha Yahu(ya-shah-ya-hoo) salvation of Yah.

21.Jeremiah = Yaram Yahu(ya-ram-ya-hoo) Yah is exalted.

22.Lamentations = Aykah(ee-kah) how!

23.Ezekiel = achazaq al(ya-ka-zahk-awl) strenghtened of Alahym.

24.Daniel = Dany al(dam-ee-awl) judge of Alahym.

25.Hosea = Husha(hoo-shah) deliveror,savior

26.Joel = Yahu al(ya-hoo-awl) Yahuah is mighty.

27.Amos - Amus(ah-mooce) burdensome.

28.Obadiah = Abad Yah(ah-bawd-yah) bondman of Yah.

29.Jonah = Yunah(yoo-nah) dove(from the warmth of mating).

30.Micah = Mykah or Myk Yah(mee-kah or meek-yah) who is for Yah.

31.Nahum = nachum(na-khoom) comforted, consoled.

32.Habakkuk = Chabaquq(kha-ba-khook) to clasp the hand or embrace.

33.Zephaniah = Tsaphan Yah(tsa-fawn-yah) Yah has hidden.

34.Haggi = Chagy(khaw-gee) festive.

35.Zechariah = ZakarYah(za-kar-yah) Yah has marked/remembered.

36.Malachi = Mal aky(mal-akee) messenger.

37.Matthew = Mathath Yahu(ma-tawt-ya-hoo) gift of Yah, Yah as given.

38.Luke = AurYah(oor-yah) flame of Yah.

39.John = Yahuchanan(ya-hoo-khan-nawn) Yah has favored.

40.Timothy = Yaqarah?(ya-q-rah) has been precious.

41.Hebrews = Abrym(ah-breem) crossing over.

42.James = Y aqb(ya-ah-k00b) heel catcher.

43.Peter = Kaph(kawf) hollow rock, hollow palm.

44Judah = Yahudah(ya-hoo-dah) celebrated.

45.Revelation = Chazun(kha-zoon) vision.

The Father's name Yahuah(ya-hoo-ah)

Now for a little fun, a little controversy. When you hear the pagan term "resurrection Sunday" and "easter Sunday," what comes to mind? Sunrise service, bunnies, eggs, and ignorance that can only be described as blissful. We have truly inherited lies. Now that I have your attention again, when your hear 3 days and 3 nights, what comes to mind? AS many take time to answer this and the voice of the cricket gets louder, let us see if this can be explained. There is a tremendous amount of confusion associated with 3 days and 3 nights, resurrection Sunday, and easter Sunday, they can't all exist, and they never did. Christian pastors teach that "Jesus" died late Friday evening and rose eeeaaarrrrllllyyyy Sunday morning. That's only 1.5 days later. If this is true, he was a liar and we shall all burn. Resurrection Sunday and easter Sunday are both doctrines of demons because they refute the living word of Yahuah: the Mashyach(messiah) Yahusha. Yahusha said that He would be in the ground for 3 days and 3 nights, just as Yunah(Jonah) was in the great fish for 3 days and 3 nights. Please do not take my word for this, read it yourself as you should everything your pastor or anyone else says as what may or may not be the word of the Father. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! Don't try to hide behind if you don't know something you won't be held responsible. That won't work. If you willing do not read His word, you will be liable. Ignorance to His law,is no excuse. Where do you think that courtroom idiom came from? Getting back to 3 days and 3 nights, Mathath/Matthew 12:38-44 which is supported by Yunah/Jonah 1:17, where was the promise of easter Sunday? Where was the promise of resurrection Sunday? They never existed. Easter Sunday is nothing more than a fertility festival for the "queen of heaven," who goes by many names and resurrection Sunday is basically another way of saying the exact same thing. All pagan, all evil. Funny, Yahusha told us to commemorate His death, Never His resurrection, so what's going on? To be continued.



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