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Rooster Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 29, 2010

Rooster Personality Traits

The Rooster is the Don Quixote of the cycle. A dauntless hero who looks to the earth to survive, he is the most eccentric of all signs. Outwardly, the Rooster is the epitome of aggression and self-assurance, but at heart, he could be old fashioned and conservative. The Rooster-born will be attractive (especially the men) and even dashingly handsome, they might dress a little bit flashily compared to others. Intelligent and educated, Roosters love being at the centre of attraction. Most Roosters are hard to deal with, they are precise, organized, sharp, neat, alert, upright, decisive and most direct. They have a colorful personality and considered flamboyant. Rossters also love to argue and debate, sometimes with little regard for the feeling of others. They are not cut out to be a diplomat. All members of Rooster family are good at handling money, they are one of the best administrators of the cycle.

Rooster Zodiac Sign

Rooster Zodiac Sign
Rooster Zodiac Sign

The Male Rooster

The male Rooster is an outstanding performer. Often dressed in expensive and fine clothes, he loves to show off, swagger and attracts the attention of the opposite sex. He is popular among female friends. The male Rooster love to discuss serious discussion and enjoys exchanging opinion and ideas on issues. He is a very detailed and quick thinker and is considered a tremendous problem solver. Practical, ambitious and aggressive, the Rooster man can be nasty and consistent in his goals. He does not make decision very fast and will prefer to weigh things from every possible angles before making the final decision. Proud and emotional, he is a true perfectionist. He will be very impressed with awards of all kinds, medaIs and honorary titles. When comes to money, he is generous only to his family and those he loves, other than that, the only thing you can get free from him is – advice.

The Female Rooster

The Rooster woman is communicative and sociable. She is super efficient and will get everything done with minimum of fuss. She can be relied on to have enormous amounts of energy to dedicate to every job she sets her sight on. The female Rooster is one of the most helpful women you can find in the cycle. She likes to conscript herseIf to a life of involvement and dedication. The female Roosters are more adaptable than the male and will do well in society. Routine appeals to her and this capable and productive worker is always on time. Careful and dutiful, she could excel in precision work, preparing long range studies, proof reading or compiling statistic and the like. Many will knock on her door for suggestions and guidance. She makes perfect wife as well as mother because she is protective, patient and very thorough.

The Rooster Child

The Rooster child will be a self-starter. A fast learner, a good student and an industrious little soul. He will pursue anything that attracts him with self-generated zeal. He will have all the tendencies of a bookworm. It will be a joy to teach him as he is intelligent, sharp and precise. He will be neat and orderly. Well disciplined and tough, he will save the most pocket money among the children. Probably this pure minded Rooster child will be the most discriminatng critics you can find for miles around. His clinical observations and criticism will just be factual statement, he has no intentions of offending anyone personally. This true independent spirit has to speak his mind. He might be very demanding but in return the Rooster child will be just as dependabIe when called upon to do his part. He tends to be bossy too, your little chick will soon be running your life if you are not careful.


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