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Seeing A Real Ghost

Updated on March 30, 2012

This is no ghost story. I have seen a real ghost. And I screamed like a sissy. It is just normal that when you see something paranormal, even if you try to be as rational as you can be, screaming like a sissy is just a normal thing.

Ghosts have this business of scary games. Just to get their messages across. Can't they just write their motives and the instructions how to resolve them? Scary games are just lame. It won't get things done esp if people are already screaming like a sissy.

No wonder they have been scaring people since the beginning of history. Nobody just gets them. People are just scared. They don't know what to do. It is worse than your ex. At least, with your ex, you know why they get back at you.

Seeing and Believing

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen one?

I do not believe in them. But I have seen one. A real ghost.

In case you doubt that I am making this up, I was not the only who had seen it. There were a bunch of us who had actually seen it. So there were a bunch of us screaming like a sissy.

We saw a black nun. No face. She has a white headband and white lace flowing out of her hands.

We saw her from the shed under a tree. She was floating and coming towards us. It was a long ten seconds of looking at her before we finally screamed and scuttled to whichever direction we could find away from her.

Stories Of A Haunted House (Nope, it's a School)

The entire time of being a student to that school, the story of headless a nun appearing in the garden fronting the library have filled our school folklore. These were just stories that we heard since we were in grade school. Nobody actually had seen this or could confirm of its paranormal activity.

We don't go ghost hunting or check out haunted places. We are not into necromancy. The fact that it is a school run by a religious denomination would discourage such things.

We spent the night at school preparing for the fair the following day. It was at 10 PM when we got back after sending a student home. We were in our teens. So pretty much we were still hyper despite it was being late at night. We were chattering and giggling while walking towards the shed. When you enter the school through its main gate, the shed, about 5 to 7 meters away, will be your view.

It was dim. Only one lamp post was lit. It was behind the tree. Then somebody pointed to a figure under the shed. It was coming to us.

Nobody wanted to see a ghost. But compared to a decapitated nun, glad that what we saw was just a spooky nun.

Scaring People. Why?

The only reason I could rationalize why she wanted to appear was we were too loud in her time of sleep. It was 10 P.M. People or even ghosts should be sleeping. Duh!

Another thing, because that day, we were arranging the horror both for the fair. Maybe she wanted it to be real-like scary to be able to deliver. Heller!

I don't know. She never told us. She only scared us. If she wanted to tell us something, she could have entered our room during class hours. It won't take more than ten minutes. Or, she could tell our principal and have it announced during flag ceremony. That easy! Why go the trouble of spooking someone, giving them goosebumps, then tell your business? Isn't that spooky?


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