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The Law of Attraction Verses Modern Science by Russell Symonds (Shaktivirya)

Updated on February 11, 2011
All of space contains many hidden dimensions and contains an abundant source of energy.
All of space contains many hidden dimensions and contains an abundant source of energy. | Source

Mainstream Science Won't Accept the Idea of a Law of Attraction

While imagining strictly in terms of an external, material creation, the idea of a single, universal awareness that connects the integral cosmos together into an outstanding "Oneness" or "Unity" is often repelled by conventional science as being too alien a conception. Nonetheless, the main faiths throughout the history of humanity supported the reality or creation of a Supreme Being. Consequently there is some acceptance of this idea of a universal force or intelligent principle such as the "Law of Attraction" already present in established thought, nevertheless this concept is often quite limited and quite contorted by all manner of religious dogmatic constraints while frequently being entirely rejected by modern worldly minded science.

Modern materialists find themselves caught in a strict, extraneous, objective physical world steadfastly moored in time and space. One dimensional, nonsubjective thinking about an exterior world absolutely distinguished from our intimate Self, mysticism and mythology is the way of modern conservative scientific persuasion. Materialistic science is no doubt a valid realism to itself in that it works quite logically and coldly within the framework it provides. All the same, like any other framework or prototype, it has to break down at some point. If the human race is to continue to extend its horizons, this conservative means of believing should neither be ruled out nor isolated, but blended or added to whatever novel and dissimilar paradigms that come along.

There is one Consciousness that pervades the entire universe. Awareness is existence!
There is one Consciousness that pervades the entire universe. Awareness is existence! | Source

Do We Live in a State of Separation or Oneness?

There is another way of thinking completely dissimilar to the above scheme of thinking where unity's internal realness (knowingness) is the exact same thing as one's exterior reality. In other words, the two, apparently separate realisms are thought to be quite identical. On top of that, instead of awareness being an artefact of the physical mind as asserted upon by the materialists, it is actually the foundation of all the macrocosm or everything in the universe. Established scientists, while confronted with the kind of intense UFO sightings, distant viewing, near-death and out-of-body experiences of various people, only discredit these experiences with alternate realities as delusions, hallucinations, or the tricks of oxygen impoverished brains. Because of the severe disagreement with the conventional scientific "opinion" that these experiences endanger to create, any valid grounds of a hereafter and or extraterrestrial culture is firstly entirely eliminated! As a result of the ever-growing sufficiency of undeniable flying saucer, paranormal, and "hereafter" evidence, more and more scientists and mainstream academic instructors every year are having to hold their opinions to themselves to avoid the stree of losing their statuses!

For a preeminent established doctor or scientist to abruptly realise that all one's ideas start from a common and timeless quantum domain rather than from within the physical mind would be quite a clash, leading to having to quit or be discharged from his position if he ever  conveyed to others the knowledge of this one Universal Mind and related implications. The ever-growing and now extremely popular idea that there is indeed a "Law of Attraction" given by the soul group, "Abraham" through the channel, Esther Hicks, completely goes against all systems of logic and rationality of mainstream scientific discipline and what many academic agencies would warn you against as being a most self-deceptive topic of uttermost scientific "unorthodoxy." Intuitively, nevertheless, Abraham's inspirational messages look perfectly consistent and right, at least from the idea that it is constantly far wiser to embrace merely the kindest, most uplifting and constructive, unifying ideas of love and harmony rather than thought processes of anxiety, evil, and separation.

Luckily, many quantum physics research workers are saying that on a subatomic stratum, there is a profound interaction between the perceiver and what is being perceived, all being constituent of what is known as the "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle" which describes that the speed of a subatomic particle can merely be decided to the extent that its genuine location can not. The full conception of quantum physics delineates the actual parts underlying the foundation of reality as being supported with a universal "zero point energy" consisting of multiple intersection points (micro wormholes) with parallel worlds and/or other realms. In referring to The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, all matter in existence is an interlinked "event matrix" created by the intellect (belief system) and awareness of the perceiver. In other words, the perceiver is not merely an essential portion of existence, but the world is likewise influenced by the methods utilised by the beholder to quantify it. "...with what measure ye mete, It shall be measured unto you again." (St. Matthew 7:2)

How one quantities or detects world appears to drastically effectuate the outcome of the measurement. Realness is represented in a multitude of directions all finally turning back toward knowingness, belief systems and the thought processes themselves. There is some kind of inverse relationship between the perceiver and what is detected kind of like the number two and its diametrical value or multiplicative inverse, one half. When these diametric values are multiplied with each other, the effect must perpetually resemble one. For the fused value of each to remain balanced at the point of "unity," one has to always effectuate the other. Therefore, we quantify, experience and make our own world with our own belief systems, emotions and themes.

One's experience incessantly crystallises (manifests) around our most powerfully entertained strong beliefs, emotions and opinions in a similar way as ice crystals shape around their own geometric design or pattern ensuing in six sided patterns or hexagrams. This implies that whatever one concentrates on long enough, it will determine the experiencer's life story. Notwithstanding, belief schemes and emotions are often subconscious and can be a really difficult endeavor to create the alterations that one truly desires to create. If one continues to feel no dominance over one's life, that's what will continue to come about. On the other hand, a life-long focus on Divinity, on Spirit, on love, on all things refined and worthy, and a deep sense of harmony and order in one's life, the same will ultimately have to materialize in one's life. To change one's spirit and emotional disposition for the better requires a sure amount of time, trust, intimate joyfulness, correct nourishment, and a ceaselessly serene and effectual everyday meditation on the actual characteristics and outcomes one regards most relishable.


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