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Science of Wholeness

Updated on February 27, 2011
Even though Jesus showed others love, enlightenment and forgiveness, history still collapsed into a long age of darkness.
Even though Jesus showed others love, enlightenment and forgiveness, history still collapsed into a long age of darkness. | Source

Wholeness Is the Opposite of Separation and Fragmentation

Since the beginning of time, it seems I have been searching for and then realizing wholeness within my self. What is wholeness? Wholeness is the complete, uncut version of one's true being, without any belief in sin or separation from God which is the quantum consciousness that lies behind everyone's closed eyes.

Christ said "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, you are gods'?" (John 10:34). All life in the universe reflects the same quantum consciousness which is God. In other words there is one universal quantum field of consciousness which all things in creation originate from and therefore is reflected within every eye of every creature the very same quantum light of universal self-awareness as the Creator. History however, has not at all been kind to those who thought in this way - the way of the mystic.

An extremely dark time for humanity occurred after the Crucifixion and throughout the Dark and Middle Ages. It seemed wherever there was light, such as that freely offered to the world by Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ben Joseph) it was always brutally stamped out. A nightmare topsy turvy world ensued throughout the centuries to come. 

Let humanty's religion be unconditional love of God in nature, in one's self and in each other.
Let humanty's religion be unconditional love of God in nature, in one's self and in each other. | Source

Powerful Religions Did More to Isolate Man from God Than Help Him Regain His Lost Identity and/or Relationship With God or Universal Spirit

It seemed that those who knew the truth found through deep meditation and other means of independent communication with Spirit or God were always hunted down and persecuted often in the most brutal and horrific way imaginable such as what was done to the early Christians by the psychotic Roman Emperors. To survive in the Dark and Middle Ages, independent mystics had to either hide or conform to either one religion or other, which would often engage in terrible battles and/or skirmishes, such as those between Muslims and Christians, Protestants and Catholics, etc.

The original truth taught by Jesus that the Kingdom of heaven lies within was lost to the ocean of external ritual and external material interests involving the power and control over others. The powerful religious organizations that developed and dominated Europe and the Middle East from 400 to 1700 AD discouraged independent seekers looking deep within for God through meditation and astral projection, and made it mandatory to support the Church instead, which alone would be their salvation, as if somehow the high priests and bishops in power were in charge of everyone's fate, whether it be heaven or hell!

It may have been necessary to use such terrifying concepts as the "devil" and "hell" in primitive times to keep the masses of common folks under reasonable control, or at least most of them to some extent. It is good to respect God and for those prone to evil temptations to be God-fearing, yet as the soul advances beyond the need of such falsehoods, old religious dogmatic concepts start to become a great detriment to further progress in spiritual growth which is dependent upon realizing the true nature of God as all loving, all forgiving, and all fulfilling, and as a part of nature, not separate from it. Additionally, it is important to realize that the consciousness of humanity is not separate from God either, and that this consciousness is a part and parcel of God himself.

Furthermore, God is best not being considered as separate from science, but should be viewed as being the Originator of all science. God is no longer to be conceived as some old man sitting on a thrown acting as a cold, ruthless judge in some antiseptic corner of the universe, but as the zero point field of quantum physics which is ubiquitous, extremely alive, loving, responsive and empathetic to all one's most intimate thoughts, feelings, needs and desires; and as being the highest dimension of consciousness beyond all others known. Therefore, God, our Father and/or Mother, is the greater Self existing deep inside all of us, and the silent witness of all our thoughts, dreams, desires and ideas behind closed eyes. There is a great You-niverse of everlasting, infinite ecstasy, joy, excitement, adventure, happiness, knowledge, vision, wonder, beauty and love within all of our selves waiting to be fully realized!

God is Light, Truth, and all that is eternally exciting and wonderful
God is Light, Truth, and all that is eternally exciting and wonderful

What is God?

God is Spirit ... God is reality ... God is oneness ... God is wholeness ... God is your true Self ... God is consciousness ... God is perfect happiness ... God is the enjoyment of abundance ... Perfect universal, unconditional love ... A ubiquitous field of zero point energy constantly loving and taking care of you ... The spirit or soul within all living things ... The highest unimaginable joy and bliss.

What God Is Not:

God is not a dogma ... God is not a religion ... God is not separate from creation ... God is not an idea or preconception ... God is not a judgmental or vengeful being ... God is never a separate entity from your Self.

Major Religions Were Not Always Original

Nearly all the great religions were derived from previous philosophies, concepts and myths. The truest aspects of religion were always those aspects channeled most directly from the higher realms of Spirit or afterlife. The main aspects of conventional Christianity for example also has its roots in previous concepts and cultures. According to a study by Victor Zammit, author of "A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife" he reveals the actual origins of all the main elements of Christianity which indeed is not an original religion at all:

The Ten Commandments originated in ancient Egypt and China. The devil "Pan" is borrowed from the Greek mythological hybrid of a goat and a human representing fertility, music, hunting, and nature, and is the god of fields, groves and glens. The word "panic" comes from "Pan" who inspired fear and disorder in those who would attack the gods. The Hindus and the ancient Greeks were the first to use "holy water." The concept of "baptism" was first used by the ancient Romans and of course Christ himself was baptized by John the Baptist, meaning for sure that baptism was already established long before the advent of Christianity. The Pagans used holy communion before the Catholics did. The cross was first used by the Etruscans in 500 BC Italy. The concept of the Trinity was also used by the ancient Egyptians and Hindus. Christ was not the first saviour to be born of a virgin and crucified, in fact there were 16 crucified saviors before Jesus. The concept of "virgin" in ancient times simply meant, a "young married woman." The idea of "confession" originated with the ancient Romans. And all religions proceeding Christianity taught there is an afterlife.

The early popes, cardinals, bishops and priests of Christianity additionally did all they could to completely stamp out many other original concepts such as alchemy, spiritualism, reincarnation, worship of the goddess in nature, astral projection, the unity of consciousness and God, and the idea that God is part and parcel of our natural world. Later on they also tried to stop any new scientific discoveries such as those of Galileo Calilei that would pave the way for the scientific exploration of other worlds, the inevitable discovery of life on other planets, and the acceptance of the claims by ufologists that we are indeed being visited by extraterrestrials from other solar systems, parallel universes (including time travelers), and/or higher vibrational realms.

Because of the continuation of religious dogma and even (later on) scientific materialistic thinking, what we end up with is a very sad, disconnected distortion of what would otherwise have been an extremely beautiful, 100% natural, and fully empowering and all-healing truth completely free of all psychological conflicts, fears, confusions, repressions, and miseries. A vast internal makeover is needed!

An External Makeover Is Only on the Surface, Wholeness Is an Internal Makeover

Have you ever seen one of those "reality shows" where a person somewhere on the streets (usually Hollywood or New York) is randomly chosen to get a free makeover, with the free help from a team of life coaches and beauticians? This "lucky" individual is enlisted to undergo a massive makeover using all manner of today's available technology to rebuild that person into the semblance of a supermodel. Of course the person must agree right away to be filmed on national TV, and then interviewed on a stage after the makeover is completed along with some very graphic "before" and "after" photos and videos. They start off for example, with a fifty-something, overweight, slightly disheveled looking lady who after a few weeks of intensive dieting, facelifts, cosmetic surgeries, and an incredible make-up job, comes out looking like a completely new supermodel in her early twenties. Near miracles are created this way! Only problem, this "miraculous" transformation is all external, temporary and/or physical. Well, needless to say, it was fun for her while it lasted! Of course they did that program for men too, but I prefer to use a woman as an example.

The yogi, (me for instance) sees clearly how too much emphasis is placed on the external appearances. The tragedy of today's world is that far too much time and money is invested in the external and short term priorities, while ignoring the long term consequences of living in this manner. Basically, almost everyone is compelled to ignore the internal Self or God. The real makeover needs to be an internal one! Christ always taught that it is far more important to keep the inside of the cup clean, rather than the outside. A cup filthy on the inside yet even perfectly spotless on the outside will contaminate anyone who drinks from it. This is the problem with modern society, with all its mental and physical health problems, crime, unhappy people, and incomplete souls, etc.

The historic neglect of the inner Self (God) is the worst tragedy of all time. There is nothing worse than this self-imposed exile from what is called "Source Energy" or our true state of being in perfect joy. Even though much of this "disconnection" from Spirit is caused by separation consciousness and materialistic thinking, our "junk food" culture or the popular habit of incorrect eating is also to blame. The standard American diet (SAD) or modern American diet (MAD) along with the growing dependency on pharmaceutical and illegal drugs (artificially isolated chemicals with toxic effects) for example, is an utter and complete catastrophe. First of all, no one would need any sort of drugs of any kind if one simply ate correctly in the first place, which means the consumption of all minerals (including 74 trace elements and macro minerals), vitamins, raw fruits and vegetables, super food green grass and algae powders, and plenty of all variety of adaptogenic and nervine (herbal) botanicals. Disease is a manmade disaster caused by his ignorance of and separation from all the good, healing sources that nature has provided long before the times of recorded history.

This terrible dependence on both legal and illegal drugs to hide both physical and emotional symptoms rather than the use of natural botanicals, all minerals, raw fruits and vegetables, vitamins, etc., to cure them is another great scourge of society, destroying the very quality of life for billions of people. The use of pharmaceutical and illicit drugs in the place of raw whole foods, super food supplements and botanicals is based on the erroneous and highly tragic idea that man is to dominate, control and whip nature until it behaves exactly as he wants it to. I am often dismayed, for example by how many people allow themselves to fall pray to such destructive methods as toxic chemicals, cutting, and dangerous radiation or "cut, burn and poison" when all manner of herbs (such a graviola and barley grass), minerals and vitamins (such as a daily 5000 IU dose of vitamin D) can act far more effectively with far less expense and far less harm.

The only actual way humanity is ever going to find real, permanent healing and true fulfillment is through fully understanding his own true inner nature and by UNIFYING with the healing methods, wholesome and healthful ways of the natural world around and about himself.

Any external makeover can only last as long as one's internal makeover, because humankind consists mainly of what one actually is within himself which is at least one whole dimension higher than his external shell regardless of how colorful it may be painted or glittered over.


Brain Waves Interpret Our Reality in the Physical World

Through regular periods of deep meditation and by eating correctly and getting all one's nourishment from only organic, natural sources, one's brain waves and therefore state of consciousness can improve dramatically. If you could fully understand what reality is, you would be really amazed. It's true nature is far from the solidity you come to expect in day-to-day life, with you being a separate, physically vulnerable entity from everyone else. What you are experiencing is actually two interacting systems of energy inversely proportional to each other. On your side (the side of consciousness or observation) is brain metabolism, brain waves in conjunction with Spirit (universal quantum energy-information-bliss-joy-awareness) and on the other side (that which is observed or experienced) is the holographic projection world of delusion or what the Hindus call "Maya" which is the real Satan or convincingly "real" illusion of separation from God.

You, the observer constantly judges or measures what is observed! "...with what measure ye mete, It shall be measured unto you again." (St. Matthew 7:2) In other words, HOW you measure or comprehend or feel about reality (life) effects your very foundation of experience! How you habitually judge, comprehend and feel about life is how you will experience life. Watch your belief systems! If they say, "Life is a battle... Life is a bitch... etc." that's exactly how it will be!

According to Bashar (a "higher Self" entity channeled through the mental medium Darryl Anka) there really is no external reality, only an internal one, and so everything one experiences is a reflection of one's level of vibratory emotion combined with one's belief (acceptance to be true) system. Hence, really knowing God ultimately involves getting beyond all negative belief systems to enter into a perfect joy and a resulting experience of all that is endlessly good, wonderful and merciful. All that we experience really is energy interpreting (measuring) energy and the closer we interpret that energy according to our own true nature (or universal laws and principles of harmony), the more fulfilled we become!

I learned that instead of being the central point of a thought-restricting dogmatic religion, God is the highest state of pure love and wholeness and is the center of who you really are. Instead of feeling depraved and separate from God through sin and/or feeling lost in a vicious, external reality that acts contrary to one's inner Spirit, one can drink consistently and eternally from the golden chalice of God's infinite unconditional love, purity and abundance and pass that unconditional love on to others. All my life, God has been my main source of happiness. I am extremely happy because God exists, and whatever God has I can also enjoy to the fullest.


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