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Snake Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 15, 2010

Snake Zodiac Personality Traits

Political wizard, philosopher, wily financier, theologian – The Snake person is the deepest thinker of the Chinese cycle. Those born under the year of the Snake are complex, unusually intense and very deep. Graceful and soft spoken, these people love good books, music, food and the theatre. They will gravitate toward all the finer things in life. Being the enigma of the cycle, the Snake can either be deeply religious or totally hedonistic. The Snake people are sceptical by nature, they treasure their privacy and will have many secrets locked up within them. They also have insatiable lust for money and power, and they usually lead dangerous lives full of intrique and excitement. Snake has always been regarded as the supernatural creature by the Chinese. In fact, many of the world’s most powerful heroes and most beautiful women were born in the year of the Snake. People like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D Roosevelt, Mao Zedong, Mohammad Gandhi, John F Kennedy are one of the Snake people.

Snake Zodiac Sign

Snake Zodiac Sign
Snake Zodiac Sign

The Male Snake

Most male Snakes are powerful. Their power combined with their intelligence and charm allows them to succeed in any field they dedicate themselves to. Attactive and irresistible, he is usually very influential on the people around him. Snake man does not communicate well with others and he relies only on his own judgement. He does not like to indulge in useless small talk or frivolities. The lucky Snake man can be quite generous with money, but he is also well-known for being ruthless when he wants to attain an important objective. This merciless man will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who dare to stand in his ways. Being one of the most tenacious signs, it is never safe for you to draw a line and predict thatt this is how far the Snake man will go. In relationships, the Snake man is romantic and passionate but possessive.

The Female Snake

Born in the beauty of the cycle, the Snake lady is the original femme fatale. She is not only beautiful, but her serene, cool and classic beauty will mesmerize people. Sophisticated, confident and collected, the Snake women love luxury, you wont find her decked out in worthless junk. Her taste and style are undeniable. No cheap gold plating or imitations for her please, she would rather go withuot if she cannot have the real thing. As a shrewd thinker, she gives great and useful advice and she knows just how to help you get out of sticky situation. Born with a sixth sense, her mysterius psychic feelings are usually right on target. Determined and thoughtful, she takes failure personally and will always remember how others treat her. She loves money and power, if she cannot wield it herself, then she would marry it. No matter how powerful or rich her man is, she will be his biggest asset after they are married.

The Snake Child

The Snake child is a complex personality. Intelligent and alert, he will have a serious and quiet nature and is inclined to be particular. This hard working child will be all too aware of his charms and he is likely to be the teacher’s pet. Being the worrying type, he will take a pensive outlook on life. He can be sulky, temperamental and vindictive when not given his way. He may be secretive and brooding by nature, but he will be able to disciline himself. Attentive and careful, he knows how to keep himself out of trouble. As he grows, the Snake child will be the type who like to think why things happen. He tend to be interested in solving the mysteries of life. Realistic, unrelenting and persistent, he will stick to a task until he masters it. This little Snake is destined for fame and fortune.


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